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Is it not possible to have an Outline for all the groups a particular member joined. That is an outline that will display all recent contents from the groups you are a member of. 

Serious the group page looks very weak. Having to visit group page only for you to see different groups when you should see the contents of the groups you are following. 

Facebook has a thing like that... 

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I think the credit module should support coupon codes or discount code. If it actually serves all the purposes it was created for then having a coupon/discount code that can be created from the admin panel is not a bad idea. 

I personally need this features so if you can modify mine, please leave a comment and let's discuss what it will cost. 

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    • Hi Kelvin30286063 - we can possibly modify it to to your spec, the advantage then is that it would be pushed into the version update so you would not need ongoing maintenance. I will send you a PM.

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      I have some Javascript error on my website. Users can't comment or load comments on timeline. 

      My error log shows this. Who can help please.. LeonidS 

      Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function genDbCacheKey() on null in /home/zealnutc/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolLiveUpdates.php:181

      Stack trace:

      #0 /home/zealnutc/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolLiveUpdates.php(188): BxDolLiveUpdates->_getCacheInfo()

      #1 /home/zealnutc/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolLiveUpdates.php(216): BxDolLiveUpdates->_getCached('systems')


      /home/zealnutc/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolLiveUpdates.php(102): BxDolLiveUpdates->_getCachedSystems()

      #3 /home/zealnutc/public_html/live_updates.php(16): BxDolLiveUpdates->perform()

      #4 {main}

      thrown in /home/zealnutc/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolLiveUpdates.php on line 181

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        • How do I fix it Leonid S 

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          • Check if all installed modules haven't any left updates in Studio->Apps market->Updates area.

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            • Everything is updated as instructed. Did a crosscheck again today just to be sure. 

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              Emoji doesn't work on my website. I have tried everything based on the search about related topics on UNA but nothing works.

              What happens when I insert an emoji? It either bring out question mark (in case of comment) or simply leaves the post empty (in case of timeline post)

              Who can help me with this please. A social media website is not complete without emojis... 

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                  • Hi Chris thanks for your update on emojis. I've been trying to figure out why the emojis button isn't responsive on my installation. I can't even see the emoji files on the lucid template

                    Cc: Baloo 

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                    • Hello Benny !

                      If you mean that your post field doesn't contain the editor's buttons set  then you need to:

                      1) install the Froala editor app

                      2) turn on in the Settings of Timeline->Post area, the Enable post form editor toolbar option.

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                      I'll really like my discussion Title to come in full text. The obvious default setting is that it fades away at some point if it's too long. I want mine to display all the texts and be responsive. 

                      How can I go about this modification please. Its really important to me cuz I feel people don't pick interest in reading a discussion if they can't read the topic of that discussion in full.

                      I'll really appreciate some help on this. 


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                        • Hello Kelvin30286063 !

                          It looks like you mean the mobile view. So you may decrease the titles font and remove the user's thumbs.

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                          • Yes I mean the mobile view, how can I remove the user's thumbs?

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                            • You may clear the whole content of modules\boonex\forum\template\entry-author.html and then clear the cache via Dashboard. But it will take the effect in all modes of the Discussions app.

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