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There are some unresolved css errors on this very discussion index. Right here on the UNA site. At least on the Mac desktop/laptop. Safari and Brave. The margins are cutting things off as you can see in the enclosed screenshot. Notice how both main columns end abruptly. Look closely. Some individual letters are split.

This looks very amateurish - not at all typical of the high quality code on this site. 

Is it possible I need to clear my browser cache? Surely someone has already brought this up. I haven't been here for awhile, you see. But, as always, I am glad to be back...

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Hello from Tennessee, all my dear UNAtarian friends,

The Cold War is over. Most of us and our clients today are not dealing with government secrets. So, there is nobody looking over our shoulders 99.99 percent of the time. If they were, we could just twist or tilt our device screens a little bit...

For every person who has been "protected" by the cutesy little password balls - a thousand others have been frustrated. Or worse, they have needlessly been sent to "password recovery" hell.

Could these balls be eliminated altogether or could users be given the option to view the literal password as it is entered? 

If so, please make the default as the actual characters of the password. Most people will prefer this, imo, once they get used to it. Which will not take long. Haha.

I think the coding is simple. Perhaps it can be done via Custom Template Additions. If not, where is the file that needs to be adjusted?

We all want the easiest and fastest access to our sites. 

Much thanks for your consideration.

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The Sounds Module is optional but is a very good module. I highly recommend it. 

I hope later editions will play the audio right in the Timeline, just as videos can be played there. Why? Because the less clicking and tapping a visitor has to do, the happier he or she will be and more likely to return. 

OK, looking at my enclosure just below, can anyone explain how I can eliminate the computer code. These links lead to a 404 error page, btw. 

Much thanks!


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Update: I changed some CSS which resulted in making the icon invisible. As I passed the cursor over the area... it became 'visible' again.

Please learn from my mistake!  ***

How can I pull this off? Certainly we do not want a standard user to "edit any discussion". Only to edit their own. 

In the system, "Comments edit own" is checked. 

Also, I notice I cannot edit these replies even as a moderator or administrator although I have those permissions.

Thank you.


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The notifications for manual membership confirmation (activation) fail - whether 1 or 10 at a time. In the Accounts module.

My other site notifications are fine so I presume my address is OK. I have successfully sent a test email via the SMPT module, but I do not use SMPT itself.

Any ideas? Much thanks.


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