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This is the first time I see this, so I think the only peculiarity of this discussion is that it contains a video attachment, it seems that it makes disappear votes and comments.

1. Pin and stick should have different icons
2. The Stick icon does not appear in the post once sticked (Lucid)
3. Stick does not work when in Lucid, not in protean and in Decorus

Reminder: action does not appear in post in Lucid ex: changed his profile picture

The calendar is missing in the "See event" page.

If user is connected simultaneously in several browsers, it appears several times in the search by searching "online".

I do not know if anyone can test this, I realize that small video uploaded until the end, but 80 MB blocks more or less in the middle, I have no cron error.

Interesting this possibility! is it a "custom" job or can we do it too?

It is something that has always been criticized by my users in dolphin and that relates to research, specifically the return to the results of research.

The research in general has been much improved here, but with regard to the return to the retreats of the initial research is worse than in dolphin because simply impossible with una.

I explain myself with an example. Looking for a list of users between 25 and 35 years old with photos.

You run the search, so far ok. Then you visit a profile from the results, and then you want to go back to the search to visit another one.

nothing is planned, so instinsctively you use the return key of your browser, and there, page expired. You click a second time, and there, the results of the initial search are gone.

I do not know what is the right solution, but it is a point not to neglect otherwise a good search engine is useless

The comment block is missing in the popup IF we open from block "my photos". Apart from this little problem it's great like that!

1. In Lucid, thumb not grised after voting.

2. Number next, comment, share should become the color of the links.

Well now that we have connection status, it would be nice if it is sync with messenger at the risk of seeing things inconsistent as below.

If you try to change the date field type, it produces an error.

"Error occured" for downloading the file module, but only this module.

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