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I suppose that displaying the beginning of the sentence twice is not a voluntary thing ...




How is it supposed to work? It must open mail client? or internal mail on the site?

Why this choice? I put myself in the place of the member, I confirm my address and I find myself here, and I say to myself, why? What should I do again? Change my account, it does not suit them?


Please redirect to profile or homepage.

It would be imperative a different notification for the of the account and for action of the profile.

If I check: "Enable account activation notification mail" in the account settings, I receive a notification as soon as my account is created, and then exactly the same when my profile is activated.

If I uncheck: "Enable the account activation notification mail" then I do not receive anything that warns me that my profile is activated, therefore, usable.

I am in the configuration:

Automatic activation of accounts after creation: checked
Enable all people automatically after creation: unchecked
Member level assigned by default after creating a Person profile: Standard

Obligatory birthday date goes blank at registration however it is marked as follows:


In the form add it was empty, totally white.

I think I know why, if you go directly into editing the profile after, it is not empty, it has been filled with zero:


It is still an urgent problem to settle for me! birthday date determines age, main focus on a dating site!

I think you should introduce a new permission that allows you to not allow enlargement of photos and avatar in HD popup for non members, it is really a problem, in module and in feed and in cover profil

You will tell me member has not put public visibility, but in my case, so I end up with a home page without members' picture, for a dating site it does not.

Member generally accept miniature, but not full size photo. do you also think about the crooks of crooked photos of the ivory coast, they just steal pictures, it's their job. Thumbnails not usable, full size excellent for them, they will come to get home.

And Google, everyone will end up with his HD photo, you know that even I would not want to? And you ?

He's really finding a way to prevent that without being too restrictive and not seeing anything at all.

Click for popup should display you do not have permission.

This makes no sense, yes I understand what he means, in the mouth of a computer scientist, he said can not see the photo content, but the photo in hd that you can.





Ditto for photo. Alex T⚜️ , I only have portraits of myself on my site. People will not register by seeing this!

I very much doubt that he bores me, he is one of the main approaches that members who have tested my site do me first.

The truncated titles are much too short, and the first few words of mean nothing 3/4 of the time.

Alex T⚜️ , you had the very good idea to do this:


Is there a technical hurdle to do it everywhere for titles and even notifications so that it displays entirely on mouse hover?

The same thing in search, every time I do not know what to choose I do not know what we are talking about, I do not see the title ...


Really frustrating everywhere ...

As it is the case everywhere, it would be nice to do it there too.


Does not appear supported in the site statistics.

I think that the choice of placing the option " of the number of (0 - without limit)" in general settings is an error.

Let me explain: I do not accept that people create multiple profiles on the same account. I do not even want them to suspect that this possibility exists, but I would like to use the organization module.

It is already a problem there.

I want to be able to allow only one profile, for the reason explained, but it does not bother me that one person represents two, three, 5 organizations.

How can I do? There is a solution, play with , for add person put 1 and leave blank for the counter and do the same for add Org for each level.

I think it would be very easy to place the option directly in the module person AND in the module org. Simple and effective and more intuitive especially for new webmasters.

1.I am trying to set the permissions on my definite site, it is difficult to do because I am regularly redirected to a blank page when I save. It happens when I want to define an action by x hours, I indicate the link.


2. Regularly, when I go to the next page, the on / off button is impossible to place on "red", it is frozen sum. I have to refresh and come back. In these conditions it is really difficult to do.

FF 62.0 (64 bits)

When I create a field of this type, and I introduce a minimum value it displays as below, without any value, it is not intuitive as well.


if I move the first slider and return it to its original position:


Visually it's much better. The values should be displayed before the cursor is touched.

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