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Hi,Is there a way to turn off regular sign ups and allow only Facebook Connect for joining?  I've looked through forms and don't see any way to turn off that form or the individual fields so they don't show.  Thanks!James
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Hi,Is there any way to add Group members manually?  I'm open to doing it via the database if needed.  Thanks!James
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Hi,We are seeing issues with pinned posts disappearing from the homepage.  I assumed a pinned post would always show on the first page.  Also, they don't stay gone, sometimes after a refresh or loading a new page, they show again.  Does anyone else experience this?   Thanks!James
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Hi,Is there any way to remove the "Read More" and adjust the height limit on timeline posts?  I'm not seeing a setting for this anywhere.  Thanks!James
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Hi,Has anyone else had issues with Embedly loading preview images this evening?  We've cleared the cache, I see no Javascript issues in the console or errors on the server, and I checked Embedly's network status as well as our account with them.  We've had this issue before when they were having problems, but I don't see anything like that from them today.  Do you guys have any ideas?  Thanks!James
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