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I'm testing features for a new site and having trouble with the ...

1 - When publishing an 'Update' with a , it only goes to an error 'This page isn't working' regardless of user/permission settings. Is it a limitation of publishing an 'Update' versus a 'Post'?

2 - When using a within a 'Post' it will produce a 'page was not found' error UNLESS the 'Edit Any Channel' option is enabled, then it will allow the user to see the Channel page. My problem is that is allows the user to delete the channel, even though the permission is disabled. Is there another section of Permissions or Channels that I should check?

Is there a better way to allow users to follow hashtags?

Error when going through the hashtag in the "discussion".  It occurs only in the text.  In the block "popular hashtags" everything works fine!

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