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Be Unique!

What ever you wish "Price Idea" :


IOS & ANDROID REBRAND - $500 Only (2 to 4 days completions)

CUSTOMIZED THEME+SPLASH  - $500 (4 to 5 days completions)

CUSTOM PHP FEATURES      - $150 - $12k ++ (Please remember it will depend on the amount of work and time spent)

CUSTOM MOBILE  - Contact us via Email / Skype 

SEO for 3 Months                   - Contact us via Email / Skype

Hourly rate                             -  Contact us via Email / Skype

For all payments will be in PayPal send me PM for the email.

Clients :  Testimonial

Skype : expertzkris (look for DE logo)


Email :

About Us :

Cater professional web design, web application development and internet marketing solutions, CMS, UNA, Dolphin, WordPress, SEO. PHP, J QUERY, CSS, AJAX, HTML5 & Rebrand Mobile applications.

Custom work will be agreed both side, Pricing below is just the minimum cost.

Please send details either in PDF or Word format w/ Wire frame so we can finalized the quote.

"Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow." @


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    • Custom work message us for any clone works or custom projects in have. 

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      • I worked with Chris from Expertzkris team few times, I have nothing to say but the superb work he has done for me. I am an IT person, I know quality work when I see it.  Chris exhibits great technical skills, he has done some custom work for me on my UNA site that I didn't expect it would be possible.  And most importantly, he has been very patient with my questions and he takes time to explain to me how best ways we can implement new functionalities.. I've worked with Chris twice so far, now he is on top of my list - I am sure I will work with him again in near feature. Give this team at Expertzkris a chance, you will be very happy with the results :-)

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        • it is our pleasure working with you AJ Fariss Thank you.

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        • I worked with Chris to revamp my Una Site. The effort was a massive success. Chris is patient, intuitive, and masterful in his craft. I am very thankful for his work. Expertzkris gets it done.

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          These bars are part of react-native, so you need to customize it in mobile apps source code App.js file.

          Change this code:

            renderToolbar () {

                       return (



            renderToolbar () {

                       return (



          Similar approach should work for footer. Also you can add style classand change more design styles, refer to documentation on how to add style sheets

          Credit to :  Alex T  

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            • Hi Alex T⚜️ we found out the the app,js was updated we cannot edit it now please advice. ty

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              • Look at the end of the file App.js

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                • image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=3752&dpx=1&t=1592843422

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                  This service includes:

                  - changing app title, icon, images
                  - help with the submission to Apple Store and Android Play Store under your name
                  - menu customization which is displayed when user isn't logged-in
                  - bottom bar customization when user is logged in
                  - minor modifications

                  Please note:
                  - that you will need to buy Apple developer subscription ($100/year) and access to Android Play store ($25 one time)
                  - you need to have some physical Apple device
                  - you need to have Nexus UNA app installed

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                  I'm trying to get the native MobileApp running.

                  I've completed all the steps but when I build/run the app in the simulator it stalls at the splash screen and goes no further.

                  The build completes with no errors (only 4 warnings).

                  Any idea anyone?


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                    • It seems to be working now. I had to restart the “Metro Bundler” but not sure why this caused the app to crash. I’ve had a few random crashes since but it works most times now.

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                      • What is your opinion on it?

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                        • Early days as yet but seems ok so far, running in IOS & Android simulators

                          I’ve not purchased Nexus on my site as yet so currently using it on on MacBook via simulators back to UNA.IO site. It runs pretty much the same as the app on my phone back to UNA.IO  

                          Its seem straight forward to setup a development environment on MacOS although the instructions are very slightly different from the ones given and the video on UNA.IO. I think because React Native has been updated.

                          Only weird thing I’ve noticed is I have to close the Metro Bundler window (part of React Native compilation/execution process) each time I want to run the IOS simulator else the UNA app crashes on startup (see image) but this doesn’t seem to happen with the React Native demo app. it’s a minor thing though.

                          Also there are some warnings displayed even when it runs correctly. This also happens in the Instructional video on UNA.IO but it doesn’t tell you how to get rid of them. I’ll post a question on that. 


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                            • 👍

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                              • Some of the basic steps are not included and I had to watch this video over and over again to notice some of the things Alex should have began with. Firstly the black screen, what is it? I only realised after a lot of confusion that it's a Terminal, and judging from the menu I saw, an Apple computer is being used to create this iOS App. 

                                It may sound stupid or irrelevant, but we need to know these things, step by step. A tutorial is supposed to start things from scratch, before you install any patches or anything like that. Some people (like myself) are not experienced in this field, we're new, so being specific really saves a lot of time. It's only people who've used a terminal before that'll know what it looks like, so what about those who've never seen it before? You need to state if an Apple computer is compulsory for the creation of an iOS App or if any is fine, etc. Information is important, otherwise you leave us with a lot of questions and frustrations (how to change colour, icons, etc.) 

                                So please be specific. From start to finish. Even if the video ends up taking 3 hours, it's fine, as long as you don't leave anything out.

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                                • Thank you for the remarks, I will take them into account for the future videos

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                                • All this is showing is how to download the mobile build code and run it in a simulator... Is there another video explaining changing the config within the app and uploading the build from xcode to the applestore?

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