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This system comprises a set of the most powerful and useful Affiliate and Referrals tools. It is intended to assist site vendors to attract unlimited number of real paying members. You can use system both standard linear referral and advanced affiliate matrix system. In matrix mode it is possible to create for members any number of own matrices with defined number of users levels in it. Registered members can invite new users using personal referral links, banners code, direct email messages, social sharing. Affiliate System is integrated with UNA payment system, thus allows to pay earned commission to members through the site. If you have our Point System it is possible to use points and money as commission and it is also possible to use only points without real money payouts.  

Main administration abilities:

  1. Create Affiliate programs depends on existed membership levels. Affiliate Program allows to enable/disable matrix and linier referral algorithm.

There are four activity types for sponsors to earn commission from referred members:

  • New profile join
  • Referred profile's membership upgrade
  • Purchases in Market module
  • Any other purchases through the site cart

Commissions values can have both static values and percentage of the spent price on the site (membership price, good's price in store and etc... ). In matrix mode, it is possible to set commission for each matrix level independently. 

     2. Manage profiles information. Admin has comprehensive interface to control earned commissions, invited members, affiliate statistic and etc.

3. Create Banners for members to embed. Each member can get own unique banners' js code to insert to any page of any site. This special code allows to track three banners' activity and for each of them admin can set commission.

Banners activity:

  • joined member 
  • banner's impression
  • banner's click

It is possible to set commission in defult currency or in points (if you have Point System).

4. Manage commissions requests. Admin has area to process members' commissions payout requests. It is possible to pay to the members through the site in case if member defined payment settings in account details or to process commission manually.

We have added description for each field in studio and hope it will help to understand how to use each option. 

Main users abilities:

Members have four Affiliate System pages with functions:

  1. Dashboard page contains the most important info for members. Information about current active program, earned commission, direct referral link and ability to send email invitations or share referral link in Twitter or Facebook and etc...
  2. Referrals page contains info about all invited profiles and search function. In matrix mode it is possible to view matrix tree.
  3. Statistic page allows to view the all details about referred members' activity and their earned commission with search function.
  4. Banners' page allows to view details about used banners, earned commission and to get personal banners' code.

We have tried to make users interface simple, functional and clear for members.

Difference between linear referral and matrix algorithms.

How linear referral algorithm works:

For example:  You as admin can set as commission $1 for each referred member . If any registered member invites 10 new members, then earned commission for join is 10 x $1 = $10. In case if you have Points System, you can set points instead of money or to use both. So, now sponsor profile can get commission for each paid action (membership upgrades, purchases on the site) performed by any of these 10 invited members, depends on admin settings.

Forced Matrix Income:

For example: You (as admin) can create matrix 3x8 members. When member A refers 3 new members, then Level 1 in matrix 3x8 will be complete. When one of these 3 members refers another 3 members, Level 2 with 9 members of matrix will be also complete and so on till Level 8. Of course, members from each level can continue to refer members and they will be added to appropriate level. Any future referred member will be automatically placed under of existed referred members, forcing the matrix to fill up to 8 levels deep. Up-line Members from matrix can get the commission for every paid action or new member in matrix from down-line members. Member from Level 1 gets commission for members from Level 2 – Level 8, members from Level 2 for members from Level 3 – Level 8 and so on.

There is flexible system of settings for admin which allows to set price or percentage for referrals activity on each level. There is the example for matrix 3x8 below:
































$2 187,00




$6 561,00



$9 840,00

So, each member can get $9,840.00 by filling own matrix and how fast the members get $9,840.00 depends on how well they advertise their referral link or affiliate banner. It is possible for members to start to fill new matrix when they fill default one.

There are many different ways how to reward members with commission. For example you can reward members only with percentage of the spent price by their referred members on the site. Our Points System allows to reward members only with points for referred members' activity. 

What is matrix option - Spillover:

Using any referral link or banner new members can join and they will be automatically placed into the sponsor matrix. Following above example, if we have matrix 3X8, each member can have only 3 people directly invited in own matrix in down-line level, but what to do if this member invites more then 3 profiles? If you are sponsor of more than 3 members, your new members will be placed under your other recruits to help them get started. This is called spillover. So, not only you can refer new profiles, your up-line and down-line members can help you to fill your personal matrix. Members can communicate with their invited members and teach them how to invite new members.

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    • AQB Soft does not seem to work with Facebook/google signup. people who sign up using google/Facebook accounts are not recognized by the affiliate system, and the referrers do not get commissions.

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      • That will be very helpful. It will solve an important problem

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        • AQB Soft sorry for inconvenience, do you have any idea how long it will be to fix this problem? we made a lot of promises to our fans about the affiliate system and we are pressured to get it to work with facebook/google signups.

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          • Hello!

            We have contacted with you directly via PM concerning this problem. Login should work with Affiliate System by default.

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          • AQB Soft is it possible to add 'share with WhatsApp'  button to the Referral Link box, please!

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            • We plan to add UNA social sharing area instead of current Twitter and Facebook. Well, WhatsApp also is not a problem, we will add it.

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            • I have purchased this.. does this works  I have ad this mod over a year. 

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              I had some quick questions about commissions. 

              If you have similar questions see Anton's answer below. 

              Is it only doable using stripe/credits? 

              What does the Installment mean? 

              When using credits, if a customer wants to do a refund are credits able to be taken away (this was a dumb question, they could always withdraw them, but then they would not get full amount back though)? 

              If using credits, will commission % deduct on purchase from a seller or when withdrawing? I am hoping only when the purchase is made and not on the final withdraw. 

              I think credits may get confusing for people, I do however think it would make people feel more comfortable paying the site and then using credits vs direct to the seller. So I am at odds what I think I should do. What have you guys done and what would you recommend?


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                • You are welcome. Auto generated invoice is a bill which is sent to a seller and he can pay it anytime.

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                  • Thank you, Anton L,That could be an issue, if people do not pay the commissions, and legal stuff to worry about. Is there any plans to improve this in the future to auto bill the commission at least and then we can give the seller a disclaimer. Maybe the ability to atleast set it to auto pull a certain amount of time after. I personally will be utilizing Msolution's modules, gigs and fans only, So these are more at the time of service transactions. I could see people just pulling their product etc and ignoring the invoices. I am guessing this is why Stripe was recommended. I do not think you can do this with Paypal. I do like the invoice system because it gives the customers time and trust, but I see it being able to be abused as well. To combat this I could just charge for credits and forget commissions, but there is no good system in place for sellers to withdraw. From what I see on posts, we get an email, we message the customer, and no where does it say how to send money and take credits away from the seller after. Obviously I could send the money direct through my business Paypal, but how would I remove the credits from the credits holder after? So many steps if a site were to grow. 

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                    • Hello 

                      That could be an issue, if people do not pay the commissions, and legal stuff to worry about. 

                      Yes, the stuff should take some actions manually (contact the seller, may be accept the payment manually, suspend the seller in extreme case, etc) if the invoice was overdue. But don't think it's a big problem. If seller created products, posted them and has been getting money he don't want to lose all of this.

                      Maybe the ability to atleast set it to auto pull a certain amount of time after. 

                      To make auto pull we need to create a subscription, but there is no a definite amount which can be used for subscription. The main idea of invoicing system is to take a percent from total amount received by a seller during a period. If you have a definite price for a seller to  allow him to sell products on your site then you just need to use Membership levels. Create a paid level for sellers which allows to sell and they would need to subscribe it. So, you'll get auto payments from sellers.

                      From what I see on posts, we get an email, we message the customer, and no where does it say how to send money and take credits away from the seller after. Obviously I could send the money direct through my business Paypal, but how would I remove the credits from the credits holder after?

                      Yes, in the current version a seller should request withdraw by submitting the following form (Dashboard -> Credits -> My History page,

                      Site owner should process it in any way which will be convenient for both of them. After that he should 'confirm the withdraw' on the site (Dashboard -> Credits -> All History page, and it will deduct the requested amount of creadits from seller's balance.

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