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I am UNA administration and would like to export a list of the "permissions" for each level within our sites so I can perform an audit and make changes as needed. Is anyone aware of a way to do this against the SQL database?

I'm not familiar with the DB structure and haven't used SQL in a long time, any help would be appreciated thanks.

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    • Hello!

      There is no special tool yet which allows to export permissions(membership levels) data. So, you should save database tables to backup the data.

      sys_acl_actions - contains the list of the all available membership levels' actions and from which modules they are.

      sys_acl_actions_track - info about profiles and how many times they performed each of the membership action.

      sys_acl_levels - list of the all existed membership levels 

      sys_acl_levels_members - profiles with associated with them membership levels 

      sys_acl_matrix - settings of each membership levels' action

      bx_acl_level_prices - this table from Paid Levels (it is not default module). It contains paid info about each paid membership level.

      If you like to save current state of the permissions (membership levels) with actions and profiles info, then you should save the all tables.

      If you just need the list of the all membership levels without modules actions and members settings, then sys_acl_levels with bx_acl_level_prices (if you have the module) would be enough.

      If you just need info about permissions and membership actions without profiles info, then sys_acl_actions, sys_acl_levels, sys_acl_matrix, bx_acl_level_prices (if you have paid module)

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      • Thank you so much Alexey 🙏

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        I'm trying to add a product (subscription) with a monthly recurring payment and I'm getting the error message below.
        Any feedback to help me solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

        SELECT `bx_market_cmts`.*, `sys_cmts_ids`.`id` AS `cmt_unique_id` FROM `bx_market_cmts` LEFT JOIN `sys_cmts_ids` ON (`bx_market_cmts`.`cmt_id` = `sys_cmts_ids`.`cmt_id` AND `sys_cmts_ids`.`system_id` = :system_id) WHERE `bx_market_cmts`.`cmt_object_id` = :cmt_object_id AND `bx_market_cmts`.`cmt_vparent_id` = :cmt_vparent_id ORDER BY `bx_market_cmts`.`cmt_pinned` DESC, `bx_market_cmts`.`cmt_time` ASC LIMIT 0, 0

        Mysql error:
        Unknown column 'bx_market_cmts.cmt_pinned' in 'order clause'

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          • Apparently there is a column missing in database. That is the thing that needs to be fixed.

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            • Hello caldopollo !

              This trouble means that the Market module hasn't been updated to the right version to work properly with the core and other apps.

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              Hello everybody:
              When I want to edit a page from my website in Studio, it's always hard to find the page I'm looking for. For example, now I want to change the order of the menu below on an Organization account page, and I can't find it in Studio>Navigation.
              The menu is 'Dash, Profile, Settings, Add…, Shopping Cart, Messenger, Sign out, Friends'.

              Is there a way to easily identify your Website pages in Studio?

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                • Hello caldopollo !

                  This menu is placed on the Studio->Naviagation->System->Notifications area. The strange name is historic now :-) How to find the exact menu - always choose the proper module (System, Persons, Orgs..). With the found proper module the search will be simpler as it doesn't contain many items within.

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                  • Many thanks Leonid. Notifications?! I would have never found it 🙂 

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                    I'm a newbie on UNA, and I'm having trouble in admin finding the location of the content that shows in the cover area on each page.  In the designer module, I've replaced the default cover image but on the pages, there seems to be another element that is positioned in that same space.  For example, following installation, on the homepage  we see the cover image, and it has text which reads:  "Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."  There's also a "join now" button under the text that launches a signup page if you're not logged in as a user.  How do I edit this?  Actually, I like the Join now button, but I wish to remove or change the text.  It almost seems like it's baked in, but it can't be?

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                      • I found the answer by 

                        • Chris Curran

                        •  · 5 Sep 2019

                        Go to Studio. Select 'Polyglot', 'Keys' then search for 'Unity'. You'll be able to update the string in there.

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                        Bonjour , dans le dossier UNA /template/images il y a une vidéo (cover01) comment fait t’on pour l’activer , je cherche depuis ce matin et je trouve pas . Merci

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                          • Hello dreamlove !

                            No need to activate this video, it will be cleared soon. It was used in som old promo materials.

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                            • Bonsoir, merci de votre retour . . bonne soirée 

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