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I had some quick questions about commissions. 

If you have similar questions see Anton's answer below. 

Is it only doable using stripe/credits? 

What does the Installment mean? 

When using credits, if a customer wants to do a refund are credits able to be taken away (this was a dumb question, they could always withdraw them, but then they would not get full amount back though)? 

If using credits, will commission % deduct on purchase from a seller or when withdrawing? I am hoping only when the purchase is made and not on the final withdraw. 

I think credits may get confusing for people, I do however think it would make people feel more comfortable paying the site and then using credits vs direct to the seller. So I am at odds what I think I should do. What have you guys done and what would you recommend?


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Hi there,

I had success with installing UNA, I am not exactly sure what I did wrong but I made some changes and refreshed my page and now all my pages display this error. When I try to manually change the web address to link to a page like /studio/launcher.php, it still displays the same error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Location block with map  does not follow field privacy. You can enable location itself for info block and it will show/hide there depending on the field privacy. The actual location block/map will still show though. Has anyone found a workaround. I may just disable it for now.image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=5101&dpx=2&t=1621088944

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Re: https://una.io/page/view-discussion?id=1461

Create Polyglot Keys Go in Studio => Polyglot and create the keys:

_bx_persons_page_block_title_search_form_ext = Extended search form

_bx_persons_page_block_title_search_results_ext = Extended search results

Is this how it should look like?

1. https://una.us-east-1.linodeobjects.com/bx_forum_photos/s/s3/s3b/s3bxwhpjbsp7xbj2tjtc5nw8yengv2qw.png

2. https://una.us-east-1.linodeobjects.com/bx_forum_photos/m/mq/mqy/mqymg5ffclxsw3nyckqpeytjrjivxbek.png

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Customize Groups, Spaces, Courses, Events and all third party groups-based modules. Channels can be customized by website admin.

This module works in a similar way than our Custom Profiles Module https://una.io/page/view-product?id=354

Each group admin can customize their group, changing background photos and colors to make it unique.

When owners add customization to their group they want others to look at it and the chances of sharing their own group on other social media sites/apps goes higher.

The admin can set which fields are allowed, and disable the ones that don't want the users to change.


  • Change background photos
  • Change text colors
  • Change buttons colors
  • Change Icons colors
  • Change font sizes
  • Change borders
  • ... all the other settings that your default Theme/Mix has, you can select them for users to customize their groups with those options.

This Module is using the default upload forms and allows images only, it doesn't allow videos, it doesn't allow GIFs.

Compatible with UNA 11, UNA 12 and over.

This is an amazing feature for your dating site or social network, customizing their own group, event, space or course makes visitors and joined people feel they are in real community with common interests.

Important: This module gets the default values from the theme or mix that the user has selected once they click on save, it only saves the fields that were changed. If they didn't select a mix or theme before making changes, the default values are the ones from the default theme installed in your website. We recommend you to enable only one mix from one theme so users don't get confused on why they can't change some parts of their group.

Group owners can customize their own Groups

Events owners can customize their own Events

Courses owners can customize their own Courses

Spaces owners can customize their own Space

example: (Gaming Group)


Event Example: (Music Fest)


Courses Example: (Programming lessons)


Group Example: (Soccer Sport)


Group Example (Buy and Sell)


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