Member Icon Disappears - Case 1

I have experienced the disappearance of the Member Icon on the top right corner on several occassions and now persistent.

I am still configuring my site and this happenned on desktop once and severally on my HP SlateBook as captured in the screenshot.

This makes all links controllled through the member Icon inaccessible.

I created a logout lnk on the Footer to enable me logout.

Beyond login out, there are lots of control links i cant use when this happens.

This never happen when I login as Administrator

What could be responsible?

Whats the way out please.


  • Hello!

    Please provide me operator access and 1 test users accesses to me via Messenger. 

    • Thank you Leo, a lot has happened between when I posted this issue and yesternight. I tried upgrading and got myself stucked in maintenance mode. I got frustrated and eventually lost the whole installation through the Cpanel while trying to get around it.

      I have taken a fresh start with the latest version installed and have not experienced this case 1 till now. I hope this wont happen again.

      The CASE2 for Collapsible Header Block showing when there are no contents to display for viewing is important.


      • > CASE2

        These blocks aren't linked to the fields and it's not possible to hide it. 

        I would suggest to hide these blocks headers or add some mandatory fields there, so it will be always some value there.

        • You see I have fallen in love with UNA already and will express this in a post as soon as i am done with this setting up. Its The Bomb I must tell you.

          I suggest the COLLAPSIBLE feature be attached STANDARD to "Textarea Field" to load "Open" by Default, so Administrators can enable or dissable collapse as each field is created and as they feel appropriate for their projects. Its a great feature for UNA and I think this is a better way to get round it. So any field showing comes with its own collapse control. I know this is possible and you can do it Alex T.

          The project I am working on has a lot of text content to deal with like Wikipedia.

          • Thank you feedback and the suggestion, but you can already wrap any number of field (or one field) in a collapsable block, by default it may not work for everyone.

            • What I mean is this Alex T,

              Remove the collapsibility capacity from the Block Header and let it be as in the Dolphin

              Then Let the high content fields like "Textarea" come with collapsibility by default, so when it has content it will be displayed and collapsed, 

              When it is empty it will not be displayed and if nothing is displayed under a particular Block Header, it will also not be displayed as it used to be with Dolphin.

              The Block Header in Dolphin used to disappear when the Block has no content, so we can have that Header Block without collapsibility + collapsible fields. Knowing fully well that when don't come up the Block headers will not also come.

              See the screenshots 1 is what it looks like

              Shot 2 is the empty collapsed Header

              The 2 doesn't look great

              • Thank you for the suggestion, we'll try to fix this: https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/1452