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How do I use this?

Hey guys, I want to know how I can use this on my website. It's sure gonna make it easy for users to navigate through my website.


  • Hello

    This is a home page submenu which is automatically added with Lucid template. If you use some other template then it can be created manually via Studio ->Developer -> Navigation and attached to site's home page via Sutio -> Pages builder. Newly created menu should use 'Site Navigation Submenu' style to became attachable as page's submenu.

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    • Hi Anton L 

      I'm also trying to create a page with a horizontal sub-menu and I have created a new menu as described, but don't see the "Site Navigation Submenu" style. 

      As a result, I cannot add the menu to the header of my page.

      The only workaround I have found is to add a 'menu' block to the page in the page builder. However, it's not ideal as it doesn't match the site menus

      See screenshot attached. 

      Any idea why this might be? or how to solve it? 

      Many Thanks


      • I found the solution :) 

        The option to make a menu a "Site Navigation Submenu" is only available via the UNA Developer module (not via the standard Navigation module). 

        Correct:  http://*siteURL*/studio/module.php?name=bx_developer&page=navigation
        Incorrect: http://*siteURL*/studio/builder_menu.php

        It does say this in your original post, but I missed it.