How to create help page for site vistors

I would like to share my experience in creating a help page to my website visitors. I had received many users complaints about difficulty in accessing settings, pages and others. 

Initialy, I created a page and created like UNA Start Guide . But then people dont want to read throught sections and identify the required information. Unfortunately they are lazy to do it. 

I searched and though of using some css animations to make a flip card, then due to the content size, the flip card also didn't worked as expected for me

- Go to and find your preffered style of CSS and try it urself will give you the code and copy it

- Login to UNA Studio ->Home page -> Add Block -> Add Raw-> Rename to Help and paste the code copied form w3schools

- Update the help text based on your website

Attached is the sample I had created

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    • this is a great idea Sandeep, good thinkings, thanks for sharing it 🙏

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      • great work dude im going to go about it with a simple FAQ and other help pages im also going to make a youtube channel for my website and have help/introductory videos there

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        • It looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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          • Great idea and thanks for sharing. I bought the FAQ app but will give this a try also.

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