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where can i test full demo of power apps and admin ?

i am looking to access admin and demo  a full powers apps powered UNA site recent version but free version does not offer this option, can anyone share a link for such a full demo option ?  

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  • Hi Alex  - check out https://online.me/ - many of the PowerApps are installed there, I will send you an invite to join. There is currently no way to download a full working version of all PowerApps without paying for it. If you PM me we could set up a time for a full demo and I can show you the front and back end capabilities on some live sites.

    • Hi.

      If I purchase a power app subscription, test it out for a month, then if I find I only need some apps, can I then cancel the subscription and buy the apps I need? And then not have to uninstall and reinstall the apps?

      • what we want is to play with it before we buy and commit.

        • its unclear yet after so long for me to distinguish the powers apps, core apps and the third party ...on the market page everything is mixed...i find that very fiddy ...plus there is no way to test any of the powers apps...nor to see how they do via admin...its difficult to visusalise a projects with so limited ease of demo. We could use a better presentation. I find Una very appealing but there is a huge UX/UI design to be brought in order to make the platform more intuittive and user friendly.

          • Yes, you can fancel subscription and buy apps instead. Any subscription or purchase basically allows you to downlload and update the apps. Turning a sub off temporarily prevents you from updating until you reactivate Pro plan To buy the app. 

            • SysApps are always in the system. You can delete them. 

              CoreApps are optional, but free to download and update.

              PowerApps are optional and require a fee to download and update. 

              3rd party apps can be free, subscription based or single-purchase. decided By vendor. 

              • Theme library is poor and all the templates look the same, there is a slight variation and provider think they can charge for that ...i find that odd ...a few of them have some new ones but without any demo available ... if we cant test we cant buy ... UNA needs to improve the accessibility to its products. Full demo is key including admin and all apps and modules of third party ... Plus there is a long way to improve UX/UI its still at a raw stage i am afraid. 

                • admin access ?

                  • I INSTALLED uNA ON TEST SERVER AND I GET ISSUE WHEN NAVIGATING TO OTHER PAGES http://ec2-99-80-246-63.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com/   THEY SIMPLY DONT LOAD