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Empty Relationships Block on Profile & notifications

I guess he should show my relationships?
Also neither of the two people received a notification.



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  • I wasn't able to figure out the Relationships yet either :(

    • It's simple, it works like friends, except that you have to be friends before you apply for a relationship.

      You have the choice between several types of relationship in a popup at the time you make the request.

      So the button "add relation only appears on the profile of your friends.

      Also the relation system must have been activated in the developer module.


      • ok, in the developer module? Haven't it installed yet, why is that? I will check, thanks for the hint

        •  I still didn't figured it .. Baloo any Guidance?

          • Yes, 1. Check in the developer module if this box is checked.

            image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=1591&dpx=1&t=15629278622. Check if the following two menus are enabled.



            3. Visit the profile with which you are already friends.
            4. Add relationship (in fact it's just making a request, it has to be accepted, as for friendship).
            5. When your friends accepted, you found it in the "Relationship" tab.
            By cons Alex T⚜️  the block "Relationships" on the profile remains empty.

            • By cons Alex T⚜️  the block "Relationships" on the profile remains empty.

              Can't reproduce, it shows just fine, please note that this block shows relationship which profile initiated, also it has to be confirmed by the other end.

              • OK I understand. So you have to do it both ways, unlike friendship. I had thought that if you are my father, I am necessarily your son, if you are my brother, I am necessarily your brother, if you are my colleague, I am yours. But it's true that since we can redo a list for another use, I understand why it's done that way. That's good, thank you.