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Make it easy to import Mobirise designs into Una for landing pages

I started using Mobirise to quickly create landing pages -- like really quick. It's amazing how fast, albeit somewhat limited, you can setup pages. The only complaint I have is the time it takes me to move the exported code into Una. I would love if Una could somehow easily comsume/import the designs into a custom page. 

Two requests:

  1. I would like a quick way to import the exported code, images, CSS, and possibly JS, into Una. This would make the setup of landing pages a breeze, especially since this type of configuration is missing in Una. 
  2. Allow Una to use Bootstrap as an optional foundation for all parts of it. It's much easier to find/use ready made components since it's so widely used as a framework. 
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  • I'm struggling with this greatly. How did you work around importing the code? I use webflow.com 

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    • 1. Gritly & Keith Fawcett  Thank you for the suggestion, do you have an idea how it can be automated ?

      2. It's not possible for now without rewriting a lot of code, since we use own similar approach already.

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      • Alex T⚜️ I'm not sure how, or if, it could be automated. These are the steps I took to create a landing page, but the issue I'm running into now is the Bootstrap CSS being used on all pages. It would be awesome if we could apply the CSS injection only on individual pages. 


        1. Create design in Mobirise

        2. Export to local machine

        3. Zip Assets folder and move to Public_html, then unzip

        4. Open index.html in editor and remove all scripts from index.html page (doesn't seem like we need these)

        5. Copy all text between tags and place in custom Una page

        6. Remove .hidden class from /assets/theme/css/style.css

        7. Copy CSS style tags from top of index.html and post in injection within Studio > Designer > Injections (this would be better if it could be applied only on the Custom page.).

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        • You did very nice work with your site redesign. Actually most of these steps can't be automated. It isn't necessary to include links to CSS/JS files and/or CSS STYLE tag in HEAD section of the site via injections, it can be in BODY section as well with other HTML

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