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Hi, guys! any suggestions on this Module from tired admin and his frustrated users:

1. Now in UNA if you post smthng in Closed Members Group - anybody can see this in Outline Feed.

Make it, please, visible only for Members of Closed Group in Outline Feed.

- No, Secret Group is not the solution, it can't be found and nobody can ask permission to enter there.

- No, to show it only in Group Feed is not the solution, it's very bad idea to divide site to feeds, have to be one feed with all site updates, visible to right ppl (look at your FB feed).


2. And yes, add, please, in Group Post option "Group Members" (not only Me, Friends, Public) (BTW, in Group post - who needs Friends?)


3. In Group Post creation make, please, Multiply Pics Upload, as in Album (or add Album feature to Group Module - the easier_to_code is the best) It very strange to see group without this option. No, one-by-one upload is not the solution. It not the solution at all, for any post. (I really can't imagine one user who prefer "one-by-one" instead "multiply" option, even if it's needed only one file to be uploaded right now)


4. Make, please, possible to invite not one-by-one, but by global list and radio-buttons (just look at invite in your FB),


5. The same in Events, BTW (we already talk about it with AlexT, it's ass pain to invite 30-40 ppl to event in current UNA-way)


6. Really not bad idea to add Topic Field in new Group Post, as in Discussions (or just put New Discussion code  instead current Group Post- it helps to solve )


That's all for now. By all means it looks very good now. No doubt. Let it works good.

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  • NB: all noted Close Groups related to Secret Groups as well.

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    • Thank you for the feedback.

      1. Try to test it under normal users (without admin/moderator/studio access rights), posts shouldn't be visible in Closed and Secret groups outside the group.

      2. Group/Profile/etc posts in Timeline inherits privacy of the Group/Profile/etc, we recently added additional 2nd level privacy, but maybe it's abundant and we'll remove it again...

      3. We'll try to integrate Albums the same as Files into Groups/Events, so it will be multiple uploaded and more other functions


      4-5. https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/789

      6. I think 1) should already work

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      • Cross-post from other discussion

        To proof my words  I just did as you've suggest:

        1. two non-administrative accounts was created - A and B, both on different Accounts, both with completed profiles, both have no one friend on site.

        2. user A created  Closed Group.

        3. user B can see in Common Site Timeline that Closed Group was created by user A, which is very OK so far

        4. user A posts couple of words and pic in the Closed Group,  under Public privacy choice

        5. user B can see the post in Common Site Timeline, can read the words and can see the pic, even in enlarge. Can not : to enter the post itself in group.

        BUT still CAN see the pic and the text despite being non-member and non-administrator. 

        As I said with my pleasure two weeks ago.

        BTW option to post in Group FOR MEMBERS ONLY by no means isn't abundant. It is necessary, consistent and very welcome

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        • bump?

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          • Yeah, have had this problem too...No point in having a closed or secret group if everyone else can see it on the timeline who aren't supposed to see it.

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            • Thank you for your tests and step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce it:


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              • New one on the same point: 

                Jot mesenger for group/event :When messenger window added to main group's page - everybody can see it, not only Group/Event members.

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