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UNA any different social networking style Theme/templates

Aoa sir, Is not there any development, like new style templates.. designing,  mobile apps new designing. Like many types of clone templates were available for BoonEx. Just wondering and looking forward for new different style additions.

Or i.e audio/video calls for messenger. 

Or like other real social networks, they have totally amazing styling. Features etc

Otherwise, still its awsome. Thanx to team for their hardwork for all of this. 😎❤. This is developing very fast



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  • There is a lot in the pipeline, including video streaming, video calls and design updates. We don’t plan on releasing any other templates, since existing ones seem to cover most of typical layouts and with active use of Styles you can achieve various looks. There will be 3rd party templates for sure, but we intend to further improve existing ones And introduce more default styles. 

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    • Improving the current template is another way of making other templates because ability to rearrange blocks, columns, headers colors and fonts is the sure way to whip out new formatting with the same template.

      It would help to have a video and a written tutorial which show how to do this. The point is that from one template, if one is shown how, one can create unique other sub-templates or varied themes. A super tutorial could show two radically different sites which were created using the same template. People just need to be shown how.

      Even if one selects from a template from a developer who offers one hundred templates, one may still find something which does not foot the bill. Then what?

      Then one tries to change that. Thus, it is not so much the number of themes or formats but the ability to rearrange the parameters.

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