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Block messenger on home page

It seems that the number of post in is set to 5 whatever the height of the block next to it. It is the entrance area that grows in function of the block next to it.

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  • Hello,

    Number of messages in messenger history depend on Jot Messenger administration settings. By default this is 20 messages (Jots number in messenger history by default).

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    • Hello,

      Yes, but I was not talking about the history, I am talking about the display, it is always fixed at 5 whatever the height of the block next to it.

      Is it not possible that it adjusts automatically according to the height of the block next to it?

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      • Hello,

        Thank you for the image.

        This area has default height 400px, you may change it in file modules\boonex\messenger\template\css\main.css

        You need to find class .bx-messenger-table-wrapper div.bx-messenger-table-wrapper-rows:first-child .cell and replace 400px with your value.


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        • Hello, ok, thanks for the tip.

          Also I have another question regarding this block. Although the visibility option of the block is checked for "Not member", the block does not appear if you are not connected.

          I do not know if this is a bug, or if technically it is not possible for a non-member to interfere in the messenger.

          It's just a question I ask myself ...

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          • Yes, in current configuration messenger is available only for logged members, because only logged members can send messages. 

            Or maybe you would like to make such kind of blocks readable only for all?

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            • Hello Alexey,

              I understand and I suspected it a little. Messenger should be integrated into the per-level permission system for writing.

              Also a way to banish a member, even if it is registered as is the case for the shoutbox in dolphin.

              I guess it will come later?

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              • Hello,

                Yes, messenger will be integrated with membership levels and many other features for login into it and using it will be available soon :) 

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                • Hello, great, thank you for the answer.

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                  Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.

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