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Comment to Discussion Page

Where is the Comment to Discussion page. I need to have the cover show on that page. I looked everywhere but cannot find it. That would be a page where if someone gets a notice about a reply (comment) to a discussion, the link leads to a page with the comment only.

I did search studio>pages> but could not find that page.

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    • Good question, I can not find it either.

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      • The comment could be not on the first page, then linking to the discussion page could be confusing. This is main reason we link to the comment, also there is link to the discussion page on the comment page.

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        • Alex T, the cover is missing from the comment page. How does one get that page to show the cover. 

          For clarification, if a member gets a notice that there is a comment to a certain discussion, then that member clicks on the link given, it takes the member to a page where only the comment is displayed, which is great, but the problem is that on that page there is no cover as shown below. Where in Studio can that be adjusted so that cover shows on that page?

          In the second image the blue cover shows, that is a regular discussion page

          in the first image there is no cover, that is a comment only page where the cover does not show. Need to have the cover show here as well. How do I adjust this in the studio?

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          • Alex T,

            see cover missing on this page


            but see cover (blue) is shown on this page


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            • We'll try to do it - https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/2469 - but not sure if it will be available in the upcoming version.

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