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i wonder if you could design UNA discussions like other forum cms or there a possible way to look the same a bit: i mean user name, picture post count and post rank on the left. i think it would be a good idea.

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  • You can change the layout of discussions studio > pages > discussions > from select page drop down choose view discussions > settings > layout or drag and drop blocks

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    • ok thanks

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      • welcome

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        • i'm just buying a proper forum layout from website toolbox its gonna cost me like £12-£14 but after i reach my cap its 50p per 1,000 views i am going to re-purpose the discussions app as a lounge type section of the site the forum from website toolbox will be fully sso compliant meaning people will be able to single sign on within the site its self as soon as the sign in they no longer need to sign on in the forum its a great peace of software what i'm needing and i can advertise within the forum also so its a win win a bit more work but worth it in my eyes.


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