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2FA enable didn't work

Hi, I tried to activate the 2FA feature with Twilio and didn't work. Now I can't get access to my own account to reverse it. I tried the query: UPDATE `sys_options` SET `value`='' WHERE `name`='sys_account_activation_2fa_enable' on my Database (sys_options) and also cleaned my browser's cache but still doesn't work. I tried editing the 'sys_account_activation_2fa_enable' value with ""  and "0" and the same. 

What could I do to recover access w/o 2FA?

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    • Never mind, I fixed already. I just realized that had to clean the ON value on the file "db_sys_options_...." (the latest) on the Cache folder. Now it's working fine. Thanks.

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      •  u did that pls advice

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