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Is the Album Description on videos in Albums real?

I have been using Albums awhile now and have always seen the options for photos and adding them, etc. I was shocked when I read the following Description: 


Media sharing app for site users to upload, share, manage and comment on photos and videos.

Albums app key features:

  • Individual media file pages with comments and likes.
  • Album pages with comments, likes, and “darkroom” gallery view.
  • Short and extended snippets with swipe/scroll controlled previews.
  • Categories.
  • Hashtags.
  • Camera EXIF data tags.
  • Transcoder for optimised photo previews.
  • Video converter for HTML5 video playback.
  • Social sharing.
  • Favourites.
  • Notifications.

I did not see any video options, camera EXIF data tags, etc.  Is this because I did not have Videos plugin when I first installed Albums? If that is the case is it safe to deactivate and reactivate Albums without losing my members content? What would you recommend. Should I just wait til the app updates? 

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  • Videos were supported from the first version of Albums module, just upload video the same way as photos and it should work, please note that video conversion takes some time.

    Exif data is displayed for photos only, and only if such data is available in a photo.

    It's safe to deactivate and the activate module, your content will not be lost, however all possible settings will be reset, such as pages layouts and blocks, menu items, module settings.

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    • This is something the user would never know so going to have to find a way to put add images or videos and edit images and videos but shorter XD Well I know how to, but just saying in general at the moment the whole module talks about adding and editing images. So will need to edit the text in Polygot. Thank you for letting me know. 

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