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Automailer: A very useful module to remind your former members that your site is alive

Regularly, we see passing questions, how to animate our sites and how to avoid that they fall into oblivion. Well recently we have now on the market a new module which, if used in moderation and intelligently can help a lot.

This module is recent on the UNA platform, but I have used it a lot on Dolphin.

Among other things, it allows you to send emails automatically for different occasions, either directly in the members' email inbox, and the icing on the cake, via the conversation module.

The best example I can give is creating a birthday message. I advise to do it via the conversation module, so the concerned members also receive the notification with the reply link. If I know that this is very effective, it is precisely because, 50 to 60% of the members respond with a thank you, therefore, they connect and it is very pleasant to read something like "Hey Baloo, thank you for the delicate Be careful, it's been a while since I have logged on and I am pleased to see many changes ... "

Yes, since variables such as {profile_name} can be used, the message seems to have been sent personally. In addition, you can choose the author of the message among the admin profiles.

This is how I regularly see former members who seemed to have forgotten my site, suddenly reactivate.

It is a very powerful tool because there is a choice of rules and filters, you can for example also send a reminder e-mail to members who have not logged in for x days. Besides, even UNA Team could use it and take good advantage of it I think.

I wanted to focus on this module, because it is really a good answer to the question "How do I keep my site from falling asleep?" In short, I just share a good experience here.

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  • Thank you for this great feedback.

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