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How to make a splash page to the entire site

Phew~ I'm feeling brain dead and confused, and have been downloading and clicking on all kinds of things. I can't wait until I have the hang of this site.

I looked in pages > system and I don't see where the cover page is for the entire site. I wanted it to have a photo of what is cool and different about Mergedia on it, 

and then a sign up on the right side; 

and I need to put a few terms and conditions for people to check off as they sign up, so that they actually read it lol. Like initialing a contract, but a check mark would be fine, before they can get an account.

I did watch a video on how to customize the pages so I'm at least a little prepared! but I'm still boggled.



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  • Go to Studio --> Dashboard--> Designer --> Splash and tick the Enable splash box. Then you can enter custom code in the box to modify it as you want it.

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    • hi thanks! I did that but I don't see a splash page

      I did go to studio > designer > splash page 

      and there is an html box there. is that the splash page?

      I was afraid to touch the HTML but I could use a wysiwyg editor maybe?


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      • Thanks! Checking that box did the trick! I now have a splash page. I'm just afraid to modify the HTML lol since it says if i do it wrong I will break the site.

        I'll copy the code that's in there and save it so I can experiment. I'm not great with HTML

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        • I was able to make the splash page exactly how I want it, in a "CUSTOM" page

          but I don't know how to get the HTML source code and drop it into the html for the splash page.

          I'll experiement a little , but is there a support team I can contact? I'm paying for the cloud hosting and it's supposed to come with it. Where do I contact support? Thanks! :)

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          • hm, I was able to copy the source code of my page made with pages from tools>webdeveloper>source code then i copied the source code and dropped it into the splash page on designer>splash page and I think I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            WHOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!! and I suck at code lol.

            But I still need support because I cannot think of a way I'm going to get a check form of a few terms and conditions enabled during registration....😥 😥 unless I become a super computer coder within the next 24 hours lol 😈

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            • I'd also love to be able to drop a little gif right next to one of my images but so far I can't make them squish over, they only go one on top of the other hmmmm

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              • I also notice that now, my entire splash page shows up on Mozilla

                but on IE i have to scroll down to see it all.

                Is there a fix for this or is this just a non-solvable interfacing problem?

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                • Now I cant even make a post in the forums at all and am super frustrated. I've emailed support, found that at least

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                  Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.

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