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Messenger module will not update.

Hi all,

I have deleted and reinstalled Messenger but it still will not update to the latest version on my VPS with TMD Hosting. Because it has a missing table in the database, according to the Error pop-up box. A missing table that has to do with notifications, as you can see.

The module works but will not update. Jot Server (for Messenger) is installed and the port link is correct and, I trust, is open. The url is: https://xxxxxx.org:5443

All caches were cleared. I might add that I had not used Messenger in the past because of shared server limitations. Now I need the newest version with the Video functions.

Any ideas to fix? Thank you!


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  • Exciting News: I just received an automated message from UNA about a module update failure. Perhaps this information can lead to a fix. Is it telling me about something in the database which I can "UPDATE"?

    The following errors appeared during modules upgrade:
    Messenger module: Changing database: There are errors in the following MySQL queries:
    Error: Table 'mtnempco_hcn.bx_notifications_settings' doesn't exist

    UPDATE `bx_notifications_settings`SET `group` = 'bx_messenger'WHERE `title` = '_bx_ntfs_alert_action_got_jot_ntfs_personal';

    Please consider. Thank you.

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    • Hello,

      It looks like you have Notifications module, but missed some its' tables and when you try to install Messenger, UNA tries to get records for Notifications' module and put them to database. 

      You may try to reinstall Notifications module and then try to install Messenger again. 

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      • Alexey, you are an awesome encourager and a great credit to the UNA team! 

        Thank you for sorting this out for me. I really appreciate it.

                David Anderson in Tennessee, USA.

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