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I am on UNA Cloud and there are several modules I wish to purchase ONLY if I can get custom work on them. Because I am on UNA Cloud I can only get this done from Boonex developers since I don't have server access. I would like to buy Points System and Pages but the custom work I would want on them is:

Pages would need a subscription option where members can create pages and charge other members to get access to their content. This cannot be done using the Credits System as Credits module doesn't allow member to member transfer of credits. Hence why I would need Points...unless Credits can be worked on to provide transfer to other members. 

Second part for Points System I would need so members can send points to host members using group Live chat Jitsi/Jibri in the future. Again because no transfer of credits from one member to another is availible...I cannot use credits neither do I see the point in really having it if it's just to pay for online goods because people can just use EBay or FB market or the hundreds of other apps. 

I simply would like concrete quotes so I can check my budget and improve my website. My messages go unanswered without any actual quotes. UNA needs a better way to make custom work happen especially for people on UNA Cloud who cannot go to 3rd party developers. Unless UNA can create a way that allows 3rd party developers to get a copy of the clients website files so they can properly test to clients satisfaction and then send the custom files back to UNA....

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  • You need to contact my hosting provider, she will set you up with a server that you have full access to including shell.  If interested, send me a PM.

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    • Hello!

      We can help you with these modifications.

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      • Ok please PM me with what you need from me to get this started ASAP please

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