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Is there any way to make for external users unaccessible to see the profile of members etc. and hence, only see the splash page ( the website directs to the splash login page but from there I am able to access and see everything, I just need to click login link to be able to access everything even if I am no logged in)?  I see that you can change what part of the website an assigned member category can see, but I need to change every single setting one by one but still I am not sure if it works.

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  • Hello Antonio !

    Yes, it can be done via the limiting of guests permissions (Studio->Permissions app). See more details here:


    Also, you may limit the pages and blocks on pages visibility for certain levels via Studio->Pages area. 

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    •  I have checked your video and already set up the permission for the unauthenticated only to create an account, but I am still able to see everything. You just need to click on the link login and then from the menu, I can access everything. Or I should set up it also for the account level.

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      • una.ukeda.org   here is where I am testing UNA

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        • Resolved!

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          • Hello. I also have changed the permissions but I can still see everything as a non member. How was this resolved?

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            • Go to navigation then menu and change visible to for site navigation, site menu, and site submenu (just click on items and change accordingly)

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              Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.

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