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Add file descriptions in Storage

I'm using the Storage module for various JavaScript. Usually, I can tell by the filename what certain JavaScript is being used for. But, I'm worried after months or years go by, I'll forget why I uploaded certain files. Right now, it's just the original filename, and the url to the uploaded file. It would be nice if under that, there was an editable text box so that the admin could make a note about what that file is being used for. Just a single line text box. Maybe even with a 50 character limit or something like that. Just enough to say something like, "For timer sound on timer page," for example. 

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    • This interface works directly with the storage engine, there is no description for files there.

      For now I would suggest to rename the file before uploading to not forget what it is for.

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      • Good point. Picking good names for files so I don't forget is probably the best and simplest solution. 

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