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HI I'm setting 'friendly' permalinks in settings however I'm still seeing links that look like this:


How do I get links that look more like:

PopAllure. com/manandstone

as an example of a profile link.

If someone could tell me what I need to do? is there some code I need to add?



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    • As I see your site already using 'friendly' permalinks, for example
      https://example.com/page/view-ad?id=2 - URL with permalinks enabled
      https://example.com/page.php?i=view-ad&id=2 - URL with permalinks disabled

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      • I think she's asking how to use "pretty permalinks" like wordpress uses.Β Β 

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        • Hi Alex! Β Thank you for replying. Β Please read my question again. I would like to know how to have link that look like this:Β 

          example . com/some-wordsΒ 

          ie popallure . com/usernameΒ 

          I know there is a 3rd party module however I would like this to be a permanent part of my site. These sorts of links are essential. Β Please tell me if there is some code that I can add to my htaccess file perhaps?

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          • Yes, exactly!

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            • There is no such possibility yet, however we're planning it in the future.

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