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Multilanguage content of UNA items...

Hi Friends. 

Una has a nice solution for the multilingual of UNA - the basic software. 

But where and how is solved the multilingual content of individual items?

I mean items such as:
- item names,
- item descriptions,
- item comments,
- ... etc

For me are items such as:
- Albums,
- Videos,
- Photos,
- Ggroups,
- Events,
- Spaces,
- ... ... etc

After all, if a website is to be multilingual,
it is not enough for the basic software to be multilingual,
but also the content created must enable the creation of multilingual content.

Maybe integration with a compiler platform like google translator would help ....
Similarly they have solved it on LinkedIn.com ...
there is the possibility there people can add content in each own languag and for others is there possibility to automatic translation by clicking on a link or button below each text that is in a different language than the selected language .

Please people from UNA group and supporters, look for some possibility to solve this ....

Thank you in advance...


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