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I need custom work done. Tweaking apps, making custom stuff. For us on UNA Cloud there needs to be a way that this can be done in a smooth non-restrictive way for testing etc. Or a way to transfer the files to someone on UNA who then can implement it on our sites. We cannot have module devs make tweaks or create custom stuff from their work if there's no way to transition the files to a server on UNA Cloud. It is kind of painful mentally to figure this stuff out and know the limitations to your site aren't necessarily because of the code but because of no way to share work, or collaborate. As us on Cloud see more and more mods in the market by developers our options to tweak or Customize mods are limited/handicapped. I have an idea of what I want my app to look like but unless I can get either developers to possibly collaborate or be able to work on someone else's mod that's been bought...it's disheartening. Please create some type of rules or system to make it easier for us. 

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  • This is a limit that we are not necessarily aware of when we start a project.

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