You can edit other people's messages to you?

I noticed that if you double click on someones message to you in messenger it will let you edit their post and save it. This doesn't seem like something you would want to happen...

  • Hello!

    If you mean Jot Messenger, then yes. Vendor of the Talk (person who has created it) or administration of the site, can edit and remove any message for the talk. To edit message you need to double click on it (for desktop versions) or using message's top right menu and then click on Enter or Save changes button.

    • I'm talking about the messenger feature in the site we're currently on. I'm fairly confident I don't have administrative privileges at una.io but I can go into my messages and change what people have written to me. 

      • Hello Elliot,

        Yes, you can edit messages as standard member, but only if you are creator of talk/chat and when you edit all participants will see that the message was edited by you and date of the editing.

        • In fact you are the moderator of your discussion, it is a very good thing, especially when you talk with several people.