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New members not showing up anywhere


I set up the community group to allow people to sign up on the Home page. Previously I had it set up for them to request an invite, but changed it for them to sign up and then admins to approve.

Someone signed up just now, and I got an email notification of a new signup. I can't see anywhere to approve their signup request. Where should I be looking? Before, when it was invites only, I could see invite requests, but now I see no place to approve a signup? Advice needed, please?


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    • Go to¬†Accounts App.

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      • Hi Jose

        Yes, there I can see all the accounts and turn them on. Understood. I think it's just a case of learning where all these settings are. Also remembering it all. It's not straight forward though. A lot of these settings are in very different areas, so it makes it confusing.

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        • I agree, it can get confusing sometimes, like a maze :)

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