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Spaces Hierarchy

I'm not going to call this a request or suggestion until I get some feedback on the feasibility of it, 

Currently, the available hierarchy is limited to verticle relationships, ie Parent > Child 

My question is this:  Would it be feasible to add lateral hierarchy?  I don't know how many Una users would find this useful, but I have an application where a "Sibling" relationship would be useful.  The only requirement would be the establishment of the Sibling relationship, and the ability to display a Space's Siblings on a page, whenever those relationships exist,   I'm suggesting relationships only.., no complicated inter-woven privacy/permissions/visibility.  Everything between siblings remains isolated and independent, linked only by the sibling relationship.

The parent-child relationship isn't always appropriate,  Sometimes you need lateral connections.  

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  • I might add, that 'Sibling' connections should only be automatically established between spaces with the same administrator.  Sibling connections between spaces with different administrators, should probably be handled as a request that must be accepted before the connection is finalized(Just because someone wants to call you a Sibling, doesn't mean you want to be one)  Siblings with different administrators, must of course, be able to break the connection at any time.

    This does add a degree of complexity to lateral relationships.  It would be nice to have some day if feasible, but by no means anything urgent.

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    • That's a bit of a brain exercise... Good to consider when actual use-cases come up for sure. With Spaces we need to be careful to avoid recursive dependancies especially when there's some kind of database polling is required to implement the relationship-based functionality. Perhaps if it's "just" showing those related spaces it may work fine, though. 

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      • That's why I said no complicated inter-weaving needs to be considered.  Showing related spaces is enough... nothing else needs to happen.  

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        • So if a parent space had 2 children spaces would that accomplish the need of having the two children related by having the same parent.  This is a brain tease.

          I have not installed Spaces yet as I am trying to figure out the best way to implement it on my site

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          • In that scenario, the children automatically have a lateral relationship by having the same parents.  However, if you had spaces for the children's aunts and uncles, they could be shown as connected to the children's parents by a  sibling feature.  All the inter-relationships do get a bit complicated if you think too hard about them.  That's why I said that simply showing a connection is good enough.  In your example, it may be useful to show the connections of the children's aunts and uncles to the children's parents.  As in real-world scenarios, just because someone is your aunt or uncle, doesn't mean you have to automatically like them or share any of your private information with them.

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