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Una platform app (android/ios)

Does someone have a link to the most definitive guide or how-to for making my una site into an app?
I read that you can use nexus to connect, and there is some source code... But for someone who is a developer but never an app developer, what links and suggestions can you give me to make this a straightforward process?


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    • Not a good one out there just for UNA sadly. All they give you what to do after your got everything setup on your machine. This will help you on the before Β https://reactnative.dev/docs/_getting-started-windows-android.. Not too bad of a guide to follow, Once you get to headerΒ 

      Running your React Native application-- Then go to https://github.com/unaio/una-mobile-app and follow the steps and commands as they are on page. Once you start the app in CMD prompt then you can load it into Android Studio and go from there. From here you go up to build app and and do signed bundle and fill in the stuff for your JKS file to upload to Google Play and wait on approval. One day I will make a more detailed guide when I have time. Hope this helps though.Β 

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      • Thanks Kyle, really appreciate it, this will help get me started.

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