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Froala issues

Having issues with Froala. 

The Mini Editor isn't showing up. Instead this skinny bar is to post in is. Two the Location toggle button won't toggle. This is hindering people from being able to properly use the Mini Editor and I could possibly be making bugs in another module. Can someone please look into this? 



Andrew Anton L Alexey Mark Purser 

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  • Hello Will Roberts !

    As I suggest that the Timeline option "Enable post form editor toolbar" is enabled on your site. Then you may try to check it in another default template. From my side, it works fine (Android 10 / Chrome).

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    • It's already been checked off. The editor I am using is "Create Post (Content)". All other templates have same issues. The location toggle button doesn't always work either. 

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      • I was able to fix the post are. The location toggle button still has issues though

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