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End-to-end Encrypted Messaging, Video and Audio Calls

How do I enable end-to-end encryption via Jitsi by default? I know I can enable it manually but I want it to be enabled automatically, site wide. Is this possible to do in a way that is reliable?

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    • Hello!

      As far as I see there is no option in settings to enable e2ee encryption by default, but jitsi meet has 

      • P2P calls are end-to-end encrypted after comparing and verifying fingerprints (and as long as the Jitsi Videobridge of the server isn't used).
      • Group calls via the Jitsi Videobridge aren't end-to-end encrypted. They are protected by transport encryption and decrypted on the Jitsi server. 

      Also as you can see, this ability is supported only if the browser supports this option and in case when you enable it and other participant is not, you will not be able to communicate. 

      Jitsi not so long time ago added new e2ee ability, it allows to set password and to use encryption, but it also works manually.

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