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This is what I need right now for my UNA project to work properly.

1. I need the UNA connect to work. My project won't work without it.

2. I need AQB soft's coinpayments app to work. It gives me an error about not calling setup function.

3. Using UNA's oauth into miniorange's wordpress just sends me back to my UNA site. It doesn't do anything.

4. I need rocket chat to be set up to use chat.mysite.com with ssl. I installed it with snapd on centos with cpanel.

5. UNA's hashtags don't work in the timelines on my site. It works in the apps, but not the timeline and then it sends a notification about the item being added to the channel, when it hasn't been added because the hashtags don't turn into links in the timeline.

And that's it.

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    • I suggest hiring one of the coders on here that advertise in the market. AQB is probably really busy with UNA 13 and updates right now. It's always best to catch them after a new update

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      • The developers will see my sites and take my ideas.

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        • I just looked at UNA 13 milestone on github and there's 114 open issues and there's no due date.

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          • They mentioned early next year

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