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How to duplicate comments block or at least rename it for one instance?

I added the comments block to a page and gave it a title. The new title shows up in the layout in studio, but still displays as "Comments" on the actual site page. I've cleared the cache several times with no difference. I'm not sure if this is a bug or I'm just misunderstanding and the title field is actually only meant to display in the admin studio.

I don't want to change the language key because I do want it to show as "Comments" everywhere but on this particular page where I want the comments section to be labeled "Reviews". If the comments block can't be renamed for individual locations, is it possible to duplicate the comments block so that I can give it a different language key?

Thank you in advance to anyone having ideas on this!

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    • Hello Jimmybo !

      The Title field in the attached screenshot is responsible for the block header. If it still has the same caption try to clear the cache via the Studio->Dashboard area. If it will not help too then plz PM me with your UNA studio access.

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      • Thank you LeonidS. Yes, That's where I changed the Comments block title to "Reviews of member" saved, cleared cache both through Studio and even tried clearing cache folders directly through ftp. Still displays as  "Comments" on the site's profile pages even though in the page layout in Studio it shows the block as named "Reviews of member". Thank you very much for your offer to take a look. I will PM you login details.


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