Truncate script

There is a script in una that truncates long word like "abcd..." i need to set it to truncate from right to left. how it can be done? 


  • Hello Hodor Hodor!

    Please specify cases of similar truncating which you need. Because usually in forms we have the limit part which can be changed via Stuido->Forms app. If you mean the cases when long words are hidden in some lists (like "top events") then it was made via css, setting overflow hidden.

    With the best regards, Leonid

    • In page profile, block "Profile stats" the name of person and "edit profile" are truncated by script, i saw the CSS and there is no "overflow hidden"

      • If you mean "Info" block on a page like page/view-persons-profile?id= then there we have settings

        1. text-overflowellipsis;
        2. overflowhidden;

        for class .bx-form-row-view-wrapper>div.