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Video Upload Blurry/Distorted a bit (UNA 13 A2)Only in Videos Module (Seems to be my 1080P video only sadly - after some indepth testing)

***another update, the quality option magically appeared :D, but 1080P video still looking blurry under 720, but sure this is due to the enhancement not present yet, you have coming in the future UNA14, so I may need to stick with 720P for now sadly. I do see that PLYR has support for 1080P and higher: { default: 576, options: [4320, 2880, 2160, 1440, 1080, 720, 576, 480, 360, 240] } all the way up to 8K which who needs that lol, but atleast 1080P fullhd should be something people can choose and default 720P HD. or the SD if neccessary. I have FFMPEG on my server from competitor scripts, the first time I used one ffmpeg file in a folder was with UNA, I am guessing this may be causing limiting factors too.

I am not sure if it is a bug or not, but do not remember videos getting so much distortion/blur on other videos I have uploaded on UNA12. I have developer set to HD so I would think a 1080P video should be showing as crisp and clear as it was recorded in original file. This however, is not the case. I uploaded video twice just to be sure. Looks great in its small state, but the moment you full screen, it blurs.

**update** I did some further testing and different quality videos between me and my wife and timeline had quality option and no blur and messenger. Video uploaded to Video's though different qualities and on UNA 13, have no quality option and video just blurry with speed option only. Seems to only affect the Video Module at the moment. UNA 12 did have quality option on the uploaded videos in Plyr so just videos uploaded in UNA 13 it seems. When I pull up an old video uploaded when on UNA 12 it shows the quality option.

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