UNA 12 Webinar #6 - MySQL cluster support

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In this webinar we'll continue to describe new UNA 12 features, in this webinar we'll describe what we made in UNA 12 to support MySQL cluster.

1. Intro, MySQL cluster with one read-write master instance and many read-only instances

2. Documentation - https://github.com/unaio/una/wiki/MySQL-cluster

3. Sample configuration

4. Questions

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In this webinar we described MySQL cluster support in UNA.

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    • Thanks Alex T⚜️ Alex. This is good to know as/if our sites get big enough to scale up. Thank you

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      Webinar - New UNA 12 features (part 6) - MySQL cluster support
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      UNA 12 Webinar #6 - MySQL cluster support
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      9 Apr 2021
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      UNA - Network Infrastructure for Communities