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Hi, I'm founder & CEO of - civil society network

Starting point is the need of austrian people to communicate and organize against the new far-right government we have since oct. 2017

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What about my beloved Dolphin **LOGIN AS** module? Is there a timeline for an UNA version?

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I added a 'Share in Whats App' link to 

studio/navigation/menus/system/social share... (thx hodor and amitesh for advice)

But: Whats App link is not shown to share. Nowhere on the site. 

  • Do I have to put this link in any other menue or menu-set too?
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Right now, the approval of content like channels, groups, spaces, events & more is not included in the content publishing workflow of user/admin. But it is prepared in the admins dashboard. 

So my question: WHEN will the ''approval of content by admin'' be ready for a release, RC or Final?

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Testing the Location Map Module by AQB. The custom icons are not shown on the map. 

(I'm also testing the events map module by AQB, the custom icons are shown without any problems)

Or what is the ''set custom icon'' in studio/locationmap/settings for?

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Do You plan a UNA Version of your dolphin photocaptcha module? Would be great. I would like to kick all 'shark-connections' out of my site(s).

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Please add an additional column in the UNA store cart history showing the NAME of the bought item/module.

If running out of space (design reasons) put transaction and license in the order-pop-up instead.

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Does anybody have a working PayPal Setup for single Payments coworking with the AQB Banners Module?

My Problems:

  • Using IPN 
  • payment is processed correctly (both sides OK, money transfered)
  • Return Url is working correctly
  • back on the site, bought item is still in the cart of buying user
  • users cart-history stays empty
  • so banner is not published but paid in full
  • admins orderlist stays empty

Any Ideas?

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We had this with the Login Form some days ago *RC11 - email adresses massive problem* was the thread.

Now the same with the REGISTRATION FORM. Email starting with numbers is not accepted...

Please fix, thx.

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How to setup joining groups, spaces, events & more without the need of approval by group-, space- or eventadmin?

If set to PUBLIC and NO CONFIRMATION, immediate joining should be possible for Users.

That is really important!

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Some questions and may be a BUG

2  missing lang keys in studio/banners/blocks

  • _aqb_banners_page_title_sys_inj_banner_bottom
  • _aqb_banners_page_title_sys_inj_banner_top


  • How to remove unwanted/unneeded Prices/blocks in ../studio/banners/prices?
  • How many Banners in one BLOCK can be handled by the banner-rotator?

A Bug creating a Banner

  • Using the NOW button for date/time
  • with or without DONE confirmation
  • banner is not shown
  • Using the date by selection in calendar, banner is shown correctly 

Image attached

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Thx AQB for this module. We had a short chat about nearby/events/map some days ago. As I cant comment on the module page itself, these thread for my questions.

Using the Locations Map Module for time scheduled entries like exp. events:  

  • How works the module after an event took place/passed by?
  • Will the entry stay visible on the map?
  • Or has the Locations Map some kind of ''Time/Date settings'' like show entry on map ''from date'' and/or ''until date''?
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Bug uploading images, as I mentioned in different posts before.  I'm using a hosted Una power/pro package without any server/file/ftp access, all mods updated 

IMAGES are cut of on top

  • uploading in massmailer / campaign
  • uploading as foto
  • some views are buggy, others not

Some screenies... If needed I post all threads of the past here again

... or jump to: 2018
Vienna, Vienna, Austria
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