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COO at UNA Inc. Passionate about digital connections since the beginning. Talk to me about your projects and inspiration. 

I found this on my feeds this morning, global fitness powerhouse CrossFit ditches Facebook due the the belligerent deletion of one of their Facebook groups with 1.6 million users (ouch..)

Imagine building a community of 1.6 million users and then having it deleted without reason or warning...?

As my friends at are fond of saying - you should never build your  castle on someone else's soil. 

A bold move from the fierce folks at CrossFit (also deleting Insta) -  a big statement to to Social Media monopolies that their monopolies are due to crumble.

Anyways I just sent a letter to the CEO at CrossFit - will keep you posted with their reponse ;)

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As you might have noticed, we have now integrated the new Points Module from AQB Soft into UNA.IO - it's a great piece of software, we are very impressed, it's a potent tool to rev up and reward positive activity on any UNA site.

The settings in Points Module can be customised to promote the ideal activity you would like on your site, perhaps for your site it is creating new blogs, making new friends, joining groups or posting photos?

We have set it up on UNA.IO in a way that strongly rewards helping others. Ie. you will get rewarded a little bit for asking a question, you will get rewarded a lot for answering a question.

So far as reimbursing points, we haven't quite figured that out, the module integrates with user levels, so we will create some premium levels for active users and also explore some sort of points exchange for additional value in the near future.

At the moment, just have fun with it, we are looking forward to seeing who gets the most points!

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In many ways the UNA Permissions module provides the governance for your UNA website. The Permissions  determine what a user can see and what they can do within your site. Within UNA the Permissions are fully customisable, you can create your own user levels, and establish what they can do and see within your site.

  • Modify existing user levels.

  • Determine the available actions for each user level.

  • Set the number of actions available within a defined period of time, for each user level.

  • Set what menus are visible based on user level.

  • Define what content is visible based on user levels.

    • Permissions for an entire page

    • Permissions for each block of content on each page.

Chapter 1 - Using Permissions Module in UNA

In the first chapter we explore;

  1. The function of the UNA Permissions module.

  2. How to create new user levels.

  3. How to add icons from Font Awesome for each user level.

  4. How an admin can designate user levels.

  5. How to determine the available actions based upon user levels.

Chapter 2 - Using the Permissions to Control Menus in UNA

In the 2nd chapter we explore

  1. How to change menu displays based on user level.

Chapter 3 - Using Permissions in  the UNA Pages Module

In this 3rd chapter we explore;

  1. How to configure each page in UNA to display content based on Permissions.

  2. How to edit each block to specify what user levels can view it.

Hi Mark, 

I have not launched my site yet as I am still busy doing other peripheral tasks right now and my research. My question is, will it be possible to change "friend" to some other descriptor I choose. Say for e.g "Connection" or "fam" ? 

I'm launching my una cloud hosted site soon .

Exciting times for many, the long awaited points module from AQB Soft is now available in the UNA Market. 

It is flexible and comprehensive system to monetize user's activities. In other words, it allows you to reward members with points for their activities. You can guide members' to any part of the site and make them more active in: posting comments, creating posts, voting, sending friends requests, uploading videos, events, etc… Members can also get points levels according to their points balance. 

Things might have seemed a little quiet around here on UNA.IO in recent months, not a lot of new content, nor releases, you could easily think that there hasn’t been much going on. 😴

You might be wrong...😉

We rarely rest at UNA - we are always got something going on. 🤓🔥⛏💪🏽

Since the release on UNA 9.0  the UNA Team have been very busy working on a number of large custom implementations based on UNA Platform. Working closely with clients who have specific needs for their sites - exploring and expanding the scope and capability of UNA.

As always many of these developments will filter down into the UNA core in the coming releases, ultimately evolving the capabilities of UNA benefit all users.

UNA Team might have been slow on releases (not for long, April is going to be HUGE, see below for some sneak peeks) but the community has been picking up the slack.

New Themes

There are some great new themes in the UNA Market thanks to AQB Soft, UNA Themes, UNA French 🆔 & OW Visuals 

Take a peek in the UNA Market for the new themes available here.

Each theme offers the option of a spiffy new look for your UNA site, installing a fresh style mix into your UNA site is as simple as changing your T-Shirt. In the case of AQB Soft there is a whole new template to explore, with 'OnMouseOver' submenus available for Desktop view.

JOT Messenger Update

UNA JOT Messenger now with email notifications.

Last week Alexey quietly dropped an awaited update of the Jot Messenger.

Now users may choose how to receive notification (by site, email or push) and also how often, limiting the number of notifications if the chat becomes busy.

At this point it is also probably important to differentiate between the React JOT and the UNA JOT - as they will ultimately become different solutions. We will probably transfer the JOT moniker to the React JOT and the UNA JOT will become UNA Messenger.


Both Alex T⚜️ and Andrew Boon have been working on not so secret projects over the last couple of months - Alex on the greatly anticipated UNA Native Apps and Andrew on the UNA Dolphin solution.

Each project adds another cool tool in the toolkit for UNA Community Developers. Here is a sneak peek of the Dolphin Solution and the UNA Native App...

Sneak Preview of the UNA Dolphin Solution - your preconfigured, out of the box, Social Community Solution - coming soon to an UNA Cloud near you.

UNA Apps are nearly here...

How much will it cost me get the paystack installation module integrated into my site with a mobile apps

What is the character limit of Updates? (EDIT)

There is most certainly a way to set this up via Forms Builder;
for Updates
Studio>Forms>Fields>Timeline>Write Post>Content
and for blogs/posts;
 Studio>Forms>Fields>Post>Add Post>Text

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