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COO at UNA Inc. Passionate about digital connections since the beginning. Talk to me about your projects and inspiration. 

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As many digital innovators and entrepreneurs are congregating here, I thought you might appreciate this post. A overview of the predictions within the evolution of social media.

Personally, within the UNA-verse I’m predicting that e-learning and email will be front and centre - driven by the continued development of our LMS & Mass Mailer solutions.

The prediction for the segregation of social media from the juggernaut social platforms into more nuanced and geographically defined networks Is also interesting - also in keeping with the aspirations of many developers in this community. 

I‘d love to hear your predictions? What do you reckon the future looks like in 2020? 

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Hi Mark, I noticed some of your comments regarding an LMS in development for release with UNA 11. Could you give me any info on the current state? Thanks

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There are lots of new users here on UNA.IO - which is AWESOME.There are no such things as stupid questions, but there are certainly optimum techniques for getting the best results from this site, and valuing the time for all users.  I thought it timely to re-share this post from Baloo as a field guide for new users of this site.

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One of the (many) wonderful things of my job, is that I am constantly communicating with Social Media Entrepreneurs (you guys!) -  discussing strategy and vision for creating the Next Big Social Start-Up. 🚀

It is often interesting in my conversation with fellow UNA-Preneurs - many of whom are intrepid business builders ⚒ - developing communities upon the UNA Community Management System, how quickly the conversation and focus turns from Community Development to Monetisation.🤑

Don't get me wrong, I love money, monetization of any business is a paramount function that should not be ignored. However, I often find myself steering the conversation back towards community development and expansion, which in my opinion should take precedent over the monetization efforts, to begin with.

My recommendation for most Social Community Developers is to have monetization efforts in your strategy from day dot - but don't obsess over it.

As a Community Manager - it is your job to inspire growth, interaction and engagement. Build value in your website, and cultivate a passionate community seeking to connect with that value and the money will surely follow.

I've spent a lot of time in the Blog-O-Sphere, the world of building enticing cookie content, sales funnels and metric conversions. Leveraging big Unique Visitor Traffic with Google Ads and the slippery slope of trying to convert your Blog readers to email subscribers.

With a Social Community, you have the potential for something different - a passionate community who are coming together on your site, to share resources, ideas, information, inspiration. 

Here are 6 Ways that you can Monetise your Social Community Site.

1. Premium Memberships. 
Using the UNA Paid Levels App and the Permissions App - it is a simple business to create Premium Memberships that have expanded permissions and capabilities within your site. Pages and Groups for Premium Members, or the ability to create more posts, likes or comments - essentially the ability to do more and see more - are easy to setup and manage using these modules. Creating Premium Content and abilities for a small & recurring fee is a great way to monetise your UNA Website.

2. Sell Something! 
The UNA Market App, Snipcart and Shopify Integration give you the power to turn your UNA Community into a 24/7 digital store. Selling digital content, services or hard goods to your community members is a great way to provide value and make profit. Find out what products and/or services that your site members are interested - and sell them, it really is that simple.

Perhaps if your products are unique enough - you will be able to build a community around those products (think UNA.IO) or perhaps it is the other way, you build the community around the interest, and seek something that those people want to buy. You are the boss - the choice is yours.

2. Google Adsense
Not the best ROI - but an easy quick start solution, especially if you have a site with high visitation. Easy to setup just by pasting code into a custom block anywhere on your UNA site.

3. Banner Ads Module
Be your own Google! Selling our own Ads means we don't pay the middle man... You can take at the Banner Ads Module look on the UNA Market here.

4. Promoted Posts
UNA has a Promote Posts feature connected to the Timeline Module - enabling you to push selected posts across all feeds. It is possible to connect this action to a Premium Membership, with a restricted number of actions available to each user. This is more of a workaround, but if would get the results - I'd love to see a more sophisticated advertising module - enable admins to sell this ability through a console. I'm confident that we will see this feature developed soon.

5. Classifieds / Ads Module
Setting up classifieds pages is a great way to turn your UNA site into a trading hub. UNA has recently released a powerful Ads Module, which could be potentially customised into Classifieds Pages, Jobs board or similar. Check out & Download the Ads Module here.

6. Make UNA an Extension of your Existing Business.
The essence of any money making venture is providing value. Building a Social Community Space that is an extension of your existing business model, brings value to your business and is an indirect way of monetising your UNA powered website. By providing your customer a place to connect and interact, engage with your messages and with each other, you are creating a customer community and stimulating repeat business.

Maybe you are an education provider who gives a place for students 👩🏽‍🎓 to learn and interact, or a retailer create a social hub to discuss your products connected to your online store, a hardware business with a social community for DIY enthusiasts... the ideas are limitless.

Cultivate Community, Create Engagement, Reap the Rewards

If you build the community 🏗, the money will come 💸. Before focussing upon getting rich, put your efforts toward building a core membership who are passionate about your Community. Remember that when Facebook started, they waited years, until they had a membership of mega-millions before they began to actively monetise their platform.  

Many monetisation efforts, such as intrusive advertising and paywalls, serve as a blockage to growth.  My advice is usually to focus first upon making your product vital, indispensable, engaging and easy to use.

Don't ignore monetisation efforts, have them clearly in your long term strategy but don't let them distract you from your core focus - which should be about building community.

Any Other Ideas❓
Do you have any further suggestions on how to turn your UNA Social Community into a Money Tree? Please share them in the comments, we would love to know more!

So what are you waiting for? The best way to build an empire is to start with a single click - if you haven't already - launch your UNA Site NOW.
launch your UNA Site NOW

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With the release of UNA 10 Acrux - and the added functionality to the UNA ecosystem of  native mobile apps, I thought it timely to repost this tutorial on how to configure your UNA pages for various viewports. The main difference with UNA 10 is the addition of the 'mobile apps' option as a viewport when configuring your UNA site.

This option enable us to make visible or hide every block, page and menu item based upon what device is being used. It is theoretically possible to create 4 completely different version of each page on your site, even a different page when viewed between mobile phone and mobile apps.

It's worth watching the tutorial video if this is new to you, adding in the option for 'mobile app'. I'll update the video at some time soon.

So far as compiling the code and submitting you app to the apps stores - there is some documentation here - - and we we will be producing a more detailed instruction guide very soon.

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I found this on my feeds this morning, global fitness powerhouse CrossFit ditches Facebook due the the belligerent deletion of one of their Facebook groups with 1.6 million users (ouch..)

Imagine building a community of 1.6 million users and then having it deleted without reason or warning...?

As my friends at are fond of saying - you should never build your  castle on someone else's soil. 

A bold move from the fierce folks at CrossFit (also deleting Insta) -  a big statement to to Social Media monopolies that their monopolies are due to crumble.

Anyways I just sent a letter to the CEO at CrossFit - will keep you posted with their reponse ;)

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As you might have noticed, we have now integrated the new Points Module from AQB Soft into UNA.IO - it's a great piece of software, we are very impressed, it's a potent tool to rev up and reward positive activity on any UNA site.

The settings in Points Module can be customised to promote the ideal activity you would like on your site, perhaps for your site it is creating new blogs, making new friends, joining groups or posting photos?

We have set it up on UNA.IO in a way that strongly rewards helping others. Ie. you will get rewarded a little bit for asking a question, you will get rewarded a lot for answering a question.

So far as reimbursing points, we haven't quite figured that out, the module integrates with user levels, so we will create some premium levels for active users and also explore some sort of points exchange for additional value in the near future.

At the moment, just have fun with it, we are looking forward to seeing who gets the most points!

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Reposted Mark P's post.

In many ways the UNA Permissions module provides the governance for your UNA website. The Permissions  determine what a user can see and what they can do within your site. Within UNA the Permissions are fully customisable, you can create your own user levels, and establish what they can do and see within your site.

  • Modify existing user levels.

  • Determine the available actions for each user level.

  • Set the number of actions available within a defined period of time, for each user level.

  • Set what menus are visible based on user level.

  • Define what content is visible based on user levels.

    • Permissions for an entire page

    • Permissions for each block of content on each page.

Chapter 1 - Using Permissions Module in UNA

In the first chapter we explore;

  1. The function of the UNA Permissions module.

  2. How to create new user levels.

  3. How to add icons from Font Awesome for each user level.

  4. How an admin can designate user levels.

  5. How to determine the available actions based upon user levels.

Chapter 2 - Using the Permissions to Control Menus in UNA

In the 2nd chapter we explore

  1. How to change menu displays based on user level.

Chapter 3 - Using Permissions in  the UNA Pages Module

In this 3rd chapter we explore;

  1. How to configure each page in UNA to display content based on Permissions.

  2. How to edit each block to specify what user levels can view it.

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