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Offers module | Custom Build features that will make your site more effective, professional & user friendly. Send us detailed PDF information of all the requirements & we will make fair quote. Once started regular updates on your project thru email & skype to ensure that it meets your site's objective.

"Price Idea" 

IOS & ANDROID REBRAND     - $500 Only (2 to 4 days completions)

CUSTOMIZED THEME             - $450 (4 to 5 days completions)

CUSTOM PHP FEATURES      - $150 - $12k ++ (Please remember it will defend on the amount of work and time spent)

CUSTOM MOBILE                    - Contact us via Email / Skype 

SEO for 3 Months                    - Contact us via Email / Skype

Hourly rate                               -  Contact us via Email / Skype

Clients                                     -  Testimonial

We value quality over quantity here at Dexpertz, thats why we dont accept alot of request that affect the quality of our work. We make sure our team can handle for each designated task.

Accepting job's for any custom works, responsive template, ios and android rebrand/layout customization, graphics design, logo, mod troubleshooting & mod installations. Quality support with years of experience.

Our talented team coders/designers produce high quality state of the art web & mobile solutions.

We also do cloning or Upwork clone

Airbnb clone

G mail : expertzkris@gmail . com
Website :

Connect us thru skype @ Expertzkris 


"Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow." @

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Hi UNA Team any guidelines how achieve this in studio pages / navigation builder ?



Thanks for your help God bless.

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It is being said that nexus in studio have the ability to design css for both android and ios app. 

Yet we dont have a clue how to do it is there any documentation or maybe a discussions for this?

Ps. I have one issues sample in android

We have this white  background that cannot be change in una mix. Now we cant see our white text below the icon at is blend with white background.

This is when we click plus icon to add discussion.

Please advice.


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 UNA Team.

We are hosted by TMD. 

Please advice or send a guide on what a better server setup for UNA APP  to work APK/IOS (Webview)

One of the site my team is working with, having some odd issues with this code in App.js file -- > it wont load the page after logged in thru test APK its just flashes nonstop see code in A :


A. )   userAgent={"UNAMobileApp/Mobile (" + Platform.OS + ")"}

So, then we try to customize it (code below written in B ) it works but without bottom/footer menu:

B.)  userAgent={"Mobile (" + Platform.OS + ")"}userAgent={"Mobile (" + Platform.OS + ")"}

While the other site that is hosted in to ur UNA Cloud is working smoothly with the default userAgent code written in A above

Bit weird in fact we are using same files as the other we just renamed it.

Looking forward for your help as we are trying to finished, its been month we are trying fix it.

Alex T⚜️  Andrew Boon LeonidS Mark Purser Anton L

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I think this is  a bug we migrated an amount fields from Dolphin to UNA and checkbox of languages wont display the whole languages created in Prevalues.

Languages is from A - V but in edit page  its stop in M.


image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=2387&dpx=1&t=1572299483Image Caption

See screen its stop at M --  Moldovan


UNA Inc Alex T⚜️ Anton L Please advice. ty

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These bars are part of react-native, so you need to customize it in mobile apps source code App.js file.

Change this code:

  renderToolbar () {

             return (



  renderToolbar () {

             return (

                <Header style={{backgroundColor:'yourcolor'}}>

Similar approach should work for footer. Also you can add style class and change more design styles, refer to documentation on how to add style sheets

Credit to :  Alex T  

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Call Module - twilio integrate to Modzzz points

 *  We can also work with it in UNA integrated to AQB points




What we do

Offers module | Custom Build features that will make your site more effective, professional & user friendly. 

Message is the key.

Skype at   Expertzkris    |  @        



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Hi UNA Team any guidelines how achieve this in studio pages / navigation builder ?Thanks for your he…
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It is being said that nexus in studio have the ability to design css for both android and ios app. Y…
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