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Hello, I am passionate about social networks of all kinds. I already have a well developed site on Dolphin:

I am also interested in UNA and I am closely watching its development in recent years.

Also I made the French translation that you can find here :


Baloo added a discussion

You changed something to this new? All the photos on public visibility do not appear any more in the public feed IF you are not connected, this directly after the update rc12.

If you are connected everything is normal.

Baloo added a discussion

Thank you for adding this, but as I can see, when someone votes for my profile, I do not receive notification.

However, I receive a notification if a friend votes for a profile.

Also in the menu person => view actions I see both voting options.

Only the simple vote seems to work, I do not know if the second option is there by mistake? or should we have a choice?


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So I do not want a certain level upload more than two photos per 24 hours. For that I rule like this.


Then with a member at this level, I try to upload 20 photos.

It triggers a quota error message but

It happens that the system accepts 10 photos without problem.

It seems that 10 corresponds to this setting.


I do not think it's normal.

Baloo added a discussion

Currently, if you mark a conversation that contains 50 items, the notification counter + 50 marks. If you have plisuers conversations so it disrupts and useless.

+ 1 should sufire on the counter, do not you think? It would be more realistic too.

Baloo added a discussion

1. If you go to the photos page, the photos open in a popup, great, but if you enter a category, then the view is ordinary (without popup).

2. This is a request, it would be great to have a popup with navigation inside the category, but I do not know if it is technically possible?

Baloo added a discussion

Currently, I see in statistics that I have 1392 people and 1398 accounts. The question is how to find the 6 accounts without profiles because it does not interest me to keep them, I like the round figures.

There is a trick for that?

Baloo added a discussion

So, I publish a photo with visibility "Public". After, I change my mind, I modify the photo and I change the visibility for "Friends".

It works half, because only friends can see the photo, however it remains visible on feed for everyone, so also for non-members.

That's another important question.

Baloo added a discussion

via profile block photo  no block comment ...


Via timeline, block comment ok, mais no block info.


Can you harmonize that?

Baloo added a discussion

Please, do the same as for an answer, currently the notification for a new message does not contain a link to the conversation.

<p>New message from <a href="{SenderUrl}">{SenderDisplayName}</a>:</p>
<hr />


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Alex T⚜️ Andrew Boon please, this is a big problem for me. I forgot to follow this and now that my site starts, I always receive the same report, it is logical, it is the search of person is the tool n ° 1 on my site!

Meet here :

1. Select "Women" and start the search
2. Browse 2 pages
3. Visit a profile
4. Use the back key to return to the search

You are again on page n ° 1 !

Browse 100 pages you are always back on page n ° 1

Plus this big problem is not just about me, because it works well in all searches.

Do you really think people will start over each time on page 1?

But at home, if the search does not work, then people will not come 10 times.

Please, arrange this very quickly otherwise all my efforts will be reduced to nothing.

Also, what about your good idea to save search time for the Andrew session? Less urgent agreement, but we must improve.

Think about it, you create tools to publish thousands of things, without a very effective and practical search so it's useless, which is why I have already insisted here (17 Jul 2018) not to neglect that. Where am I wrong with here?

Baloo added a discussion

We know how to put a maximum limit for the weight of uploaded files.

I have the opposite problem that concerns only photos. Do we have any way to prevent the photo upload really too small?

People often pick up personal photos from the site where they used to be, so these are often thumbnails.

In dolphin, it still passed because the thumbnails were small in the feed, but here with Una, it gives a result not very pretty.

It would be a good thing to have a parameter setting a minium in the photo module ....

Baloo added a discussion

Since rc11, I can not see the cursors in edit profile form, but only in French, in English they are present, how is this possible?

See the difference in attached part - How can I fix that?

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