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Hello, I am passionate about social networks of all kinds. I already have a well developed site on Dolphin:

I am also interested in UNA and I am closely watching its development in recent years.

Also I made the French translation that you can find here :


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I find this idea great, in a way, it allows to lighten the homepage of the site. Unfortunately, this idea is reserved for Lucid. We would like to see it generalized on other templates, such as Protean which is my preference.


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I really need everyone's opinion on this point. I've talked about it before, but the more I use, the more obvious it is that something is missing here.

I have no link to the person who initiated the notification. In the example below, someone accepted a friendship request from me that I made a long time ago. I no longer remember, I do not know who it is.

If I click on the notification, I am redirected to my profile and it has no interest. On a dating site where people are as important as the content, moreover people are largely content, I must imperatively know who the person is quickly.

The example of friendship is the most obvious, but this situation is unpleasant for all notifications. He is a regular recomple from my members. How can I know who it is?

This inconvenience makes me want to return to Dolphin every time I pass on it. Because on this precise point, he was very logical. It offers a link to the author and a link to the object.

Need your feedback on this item please.


As a reminder in dolphin ...


In addition, I would have noticed that everywhere else a click on the avatar leads to the profile, except in notifications. Uniform behavior is never a bad thing.

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So, I love the new messenger capabilities, Alexey worked well :-) It seems no bugs now, so when are you going to release for our sites? It will help to keep our members waiting until 10.

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Regarding these two buttons, currently, nothing indicates whether they are active or not. It gives the impression that nothing happens when you click on it. I know the flyby text is changing, but it's not intuitive as well.


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When a member completes his profile and has one or more mandatory fields not completed, in short if the forms can not be saved, you get this message.


The problem for me is that the form includes fifty fields. So when that happens, the system does the checking and goes back to the top of the form when it can not save.

I know it, but the member thinks it's done, since the save button is at the bottom of the form.

Conclusion, I get a lot of messages that say "hey, I tried to complete my profile but he did not retain my changes," which is good evidence that something here is better.

I would see a message with a highlight effect as you know how to do it very well at the top of the form. What do you think?

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Recent members often ask me to delete old accounts, such as those created two, three or four years ago.

So I explain my point of view which is the following. Personally, I feel that an account is really dead only when it has become unreachable. So, in my opinion, even if the member does not connect for a few years, as long as his email answers, he remains a potential member, he is just asleep.

The experience shows me everyday that old accounts suddenly wake up and remember the site, probably because they received a few notifications at the right time. There are many reasons that can cause a longer or shorter, but often temporary, abscence.

So I stubbornly refuse to rely solely on the date of creation of the account or the date of last connection.

However, every week, I delete all accounts with an email address that returns an error, (bounced) either because it is full, so probably abbandonne, or because it no longer exists, then in this case, the member is definitively lost.

In this way, I can assure other members that each member is reachable. Of course this method is probably not valid for all types of site.

In general, this method shows me that an email box lasts about 6 years, rare are the accounts that survive beyond.

So, for me it is very important to have an SMTP service that allows me to follow the emails correctly.

Below, statistics on the last 30 days. You can see that the notifications are largely delivered, especially as in the part that is not, there is a large part of fake profiles that use emails that do not work, and that do not confirm their account.


And you clean up the accounts and on what criteria?

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I have noticed many times this on my site, after a while, I have many new notifications, but when I look at the panel, it has only one, and then it starts again normally. Of course all notifications are present in "see all".

For the first time, I see it here on Is there a known explanation for this?


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This is a problem that has bothered me for a long time. I do not want an invalid member to be able to contact members, so I'm hiding conversation and messenger, like this:


But after a while, the members tell me that they have been contacted by fake profiles, so I go back to see my trimming and he changed on his own.

I did not report, because I did not know the cause, now I have found at least one.

1. Performed the settings as above
2. Activate organization module (I have not tested other modules)
3. Go back to see your trimming, he changed like this


I have not tested all the elements, but it's the same thing for conversation.

In addition, the two elements are in first position and is found last after the activation of the module, which makes me think a little about the problem reported here ... I do not know if there is a relationship between the two.

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It would be a good thing to also have an indicator when an update for a module is available, as for the main updates.

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