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J&J's BIG ADVENTURE - getting jiggy with the wall balls - GO BIG or go home, DAWG!!!
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Reposted Andrew Boon's post.

Our mission is Unity

We enable cooperation, connectedness, communication and harmony.

Our values are T.H.I.N.K


Our products are real, words are sincere, and intentions are genuine. We are open, candid and brave.


Our actions are useful, practical and supportive. Our products help to solve problems and remove pains.


We promote ambition, passion and commitment. We lead to success and inspire constant progress.


We cultivate pure, simple solutions, focusing on what is essential in every decision, word and product.


We are considerate, generous, friendly and caring. We support goodwill and compassion.


What it means and how it works

This manifesto is a guiding principle for everything we do. When we face a decision or receive a question, we always mentally connect with this manifesto and apply it. For example...

  • When we make a change in the platform, we do it only if it contributes to the mission, is necessary and helps our customers and end-users. Superficial features and modifications motivated by profit maximisation are evil. 
  • We may be charging a monthly support fee, but our goal is to bring every project to production as quickly as possible and minimise the need for support. We are not lawyers, and we mustn't keep customers in court for as long as they can pay. 
  • If we announce something, we just inform and educate about it. Lengthy marketing pitches and false promises are neither true nor necessary. 
  • We reflect on our failures openly and ask for help when we need it. We are not perfect, and we do make mistakes. As long as we keep admitting and addressing issues, we shall progress.
  • If we have to recommend our product over a competitor, we consider the differences and choose the objective winner. Even if it's not us. Then come back and iterate until we can offer a genuinely better solution. 
  • Some features are nice to have, but they make little real difference. They also slow things down and bloat the UI. We only implement what is crucial for the use-case and leave the rest for custom builds and 3rd-party apps.
  • We create long-term relationships with all customers and community members. Some may be harsh, others may be extremely supportive. We must learn from critique and acknowledge contributions. 
  • If a customer project is not progressing, we don't just sit and wait. We encourage change and improvement, working with everyone involved towards real growth. 
  • Projects that are evil and unkind belong to elsewhere, no matter what's the budget.
  • We eat what we cook. Our site is powered by our UNA and we use UNA apps whenever possible. We build our personal sites based on UNA; we stay in line for support and pay the bill like any other customer would.
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Join Other Fitness Professionals Working Together to Make Great Products that Improve People's Lives (
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Join Other Fitness Professionals Working Together to Make Great Products that Improve People's Lives (
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The FITREPRENEURcollective - Join Other Fitness Professionals Working Together to Make Great Products that Improve People's Lives (
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