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In the process of switching over from Dolphin.  Waiting for a good articles and news module that does not require an annual subscription before I make the switch.

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After several installs and uninstalls of UNA I am finally warming up to the platform. I have ran my website on dolphin for about 7 years and, as most standalone sites, have seen a significant drop in traffic over the years thanks to facebook, and the like. I often wonder if it is worth the cost of the VPS to continue paying for and maintaining a website dedicated to the group of dogs know as the molossers.  That is still debatable.

Anyhow, I installed UNA recently and am plunking around in the system to learn more about it and have found it to be a very decent platform.  I will pay again for my VPS for one more year and try to breathe some life back into when I convert it over to UNA.  The UNA install is at

A couple wishes:

Be more responsive to questions in the forum

Take a look at the most popular modules on dolphin and make them free or one-paid on UNA.  I am not a fan of subscriptions.

Things like News, Photos and Articles should be included free or at least be reasonable priced on a one time basis for premium license holders

Reduce the size of those cards that hold peoples photos as the little round circle in the center - seems like a waste of space to me

speed, speed, speed up the system

Do whatever is needed to attract devs like modzzz and Deano over to UNA - I have about 25 modules from Modzzz and several from other dolphin devs.... would love to see them start developing for UNA.

Ok that was more than a couple.. :) 

The platform is maturing nicely so keep  up the good work.... Articles, News, Photos.  Articles, News, Photos.  One time payment of free. :) they are the cornerstone of my site so selfishly I need to see good modules on UNA before completely migrating.

Cheers All.


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