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It would be great / valuable to have a directory plugin.   Having a directory plugin will allow businesses to submit their particulars (for a fee or free - a choice made my the admin), and it allows users to search for, e.g.  plumbers in Vancouver, Canada.    Is there an intention to build a directory plugin?

p.s. I've taken a peak at the Organizations plugin found on the Market page - the Organizations plugin wasn't meant to function some sort of directory, was it?  

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I've not a programmer but I've heard of,  if there are benefits of using this opensource database, will eventually switch over to using mariadb ?  

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As an Admin, running  the una script, I would like to add a function that allows my members to rate:

- businesses

- products 

- events

 - etc.

Aliexpress, for example, allows a buyer to use a '1-5 Star Rating' system to rate their transaction with a merchant. They have these questions that can be answer using their 1-5 Star Rating system.

How accurate was the product description?

How satisfied with the store’s service?  

How quickly did the store ship the item?

Similarly, Amazon uses a 1-5 Star Rating system.


The Admin, using the una script, can also set up their site  to allow / disallow Users' (members) to search for businesses, products, events, etc. by selecting Star Rating ranges between two number from 0-5 (e.g.   Search for businesses with Star ratings between _____(enter numeral or using drop down menu here)_____ and  ____(enter numeral or using drop down menu here)_________.

Of course, this '1-5 Star Rating' system will be calculated so Users' rating / voting on businesses, products, events, etc. will result in an accurate average.

Refer to the images, I have attached, re: Amazon's and Aliexpress' Star Rating system.

Thank you for considering my suggestion.


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In my research about open-source databases I've come across references to:  MariaDB and PostgreSQL 

Will   una   eventually be programmed to take advantage of either or both:  MariaDB and PostgreSQL  ?

Database rankings:  db-engines  dot com

p.s. I'm not a programmer so I don't know if the above mentioned open-sourced databases are suitable for  una.



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I'm not a programmer but every so often I like to search information on the latest programming languages... as a result, I have come across articles about the latest version of php:  php7.  And good things are written about php7. 

Is   una   written in php7?    If not, will  una   be written in php7 in the near future?

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How to add "Location" as a search field for Organization page?   Does this feature exist?  If not, is this feature going to be added in the future?

Thanks in advanced for any support on this!

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Will UNA have a News module in the future?

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I've tried to add a New List titled:  Ethnicity  

in the Persons module and the system wouldn't allow me.  Refer to the attached image.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


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