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The module integrates RSS functionality in UNA modules so that individual pages can have their own custom feed. For example, a Bird watching Group could have a feed from a birdwatching RSS, but a Bull fighting Group could also have their own separate feed.

The page owner can manage up to three feeds. Each feed is displayed in a separate page block.

The number of entries to be displayed is configurable in the Studio Settings for the module.

By default, the module is integrated with UNA Groups module. However, it can also be integrated with other modules such as Spaces or Events.

Please note that the cost of the module is for integration with one specific module. If you need integration for any other module except Groups, contact me to discuss before purchasing.

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Will Monte
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This mod seems to be a great idea, when i have a staff, i will definitely purchase this one great idea

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Jerome Mingo
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This module allows Site Administrators to add a section on the site that showcases the Team Members that run or contributes to the Site. It is sometimes good to expose clients and members to the real people behind the scenes that are the driving force behind the success of your site.

 A "Meet The Team" link is added to the footer menu of the site.

Site Administrator can add multiple Team Members and manage their details from the Admin Panel.

Team main page displays all team members in grid format. Clicking on each Team Member will present a personal page with relevant details for that member including :

-> Position

-> Biography

-> Social Connections (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

-> Optional Photo Gallery

-> Optional Video Gallery  

 The Social Connections is a data list that can be managed in Studio.  

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Jerome Mingo
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Profile Holiday module allows members to post a message prominently at the top of their profile for various reasons. It is typically used to announce that the member is away or unavailable.

On the Profile page, there is an action in the menu that allows members to setup a message and activate it. In addition to the message, a member can also state a reason for their unavailability (eg, vacation, study leave etc.). The reasons are configurable by the Administrator.

The member is able to add  message content, select a reason, along with entering a Start and End date. If End date is set, the message automatically expires after End date passes.

The functionality is controlled by membership level so you could optionally make this feature available only to certain members (eg. Paid Members).

This is suitable for social or business oriented sites and is a perfect companion to our Auto Responder (coming soon) module.

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Jerome Mingo
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Petitions is a viral way of collecting feedback and support for a particular cause. This mod provides the ability for members to create Petitions and get others to attach their signature to the cause.

Petitions typically have a goal for signatures and shows the progress as they are signed.

The Creator of the Petition has the ability to export signatures via :

 => Downloading Signature list in Excel format




Members can follow a Petition.

Petition Administrator can Mass Message supporters.



Members can Rate and Comment on Petition.



Members can Share Petitions of interest.

Members can Invite supporters to be a part of a particular Petition.



Admin can set Petitions as Featured.

Admin can Post-Moderate Petitions.

You can view my full list of mods at



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Jerome Mingo
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This is a request for UNA Team to provide very clear instructions on how third-party vendors can package module updates for publishing in the marketplace. I have some modules that I have updated but unable to find sufficient information on how to actually upload them so they work with the auto-update process.

I have already read the instructions at however it stops short of explaining how to compile and upload in the marketplace. The marketplace has two options to upload a file: (1) As a version (2) As an update . Please elaborate on how the process works where both are concerned.

When posting a version the following command is used to compile : php phing-latest.phar package_module -Dvendor=vendor -Dmodule=module 

What command is used to compile an update? How exactly should an update be packaged?

Alex T  Mark Purser


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Jerome Mingo
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This is the UNA version of our Deal Finder module for Dolphin found at

Deal Finder is a unique feature that will greatly enhance the interactivity of members on your site. It allows your site members to list fantastic deals that they found in local stores or on Websites.


Today's deals >> list all deals that are ending today.

Upcoming deals >> list all deals that will be starting sometime in the future so you could plan ahead for them.

Local deals >> list all deals happening in the same location as the logged-in member.

Various browsing options are available such as Latest, Upcoming, Popular, Featured, and Today deals.

Deals can be grouped and browsed based on Categories or Stores. It is possible to select from a list of stores or manually enter a store name. 

The module has a default list of 100 popular stores which can be managed as a predefined list in the Studio.


Post description of Deal including Sale Price/Discount, Date Seen, Date Sale Ends, Website Seen On, and Location. 

Attach media (images, videos, files) to give a clearer description of the deal.


Breadcrumbs block for easy navigation between deal home page, view page, and category page

Members can indicate their interest in a deal

Members can share deals on Social Media

Members can post reviews for a deal listing


 Administrator can Feature deals.

Administrator can flag a Deal as the "Deal of the day". This is separate from "Today deals".


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Jerome Mingo
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This module gives the possibility to create a horizontal ticker strip at the Top or Bottom of all Site Pages that will display Scrolling content from the site. The module can be configured to pull content from any of the following sources :

-> UNA Posts Module 

-> Modzzz News Module

-> Modzzz Articles Module

Due to the fact that it is displayed on all pages visited on the site, there is the possibility to offer maximum exposure to content.

The displayed items can be based on featured, popular, top, updated, or latest entries 


  • A scrolling ticker will display the title of content which will be clickable to display the actual content.
  • You can configure ticker to display at top or bottom of site.
  • Administrator can choose at any time to switch which module the content is displayed from


Number of Items to display in scroll   

Select Module. The present available options are Articles, News or Posts

Configuration options available for ticker such as Position, text size, text color, and background color

You can view my full list of mods at


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This is the UNA version of my Dolphin Pets module 

This module can be integrated into your Social Community Portal to give Pet owners the possibility to create profiles of their pets. This will enable them to :

» Share media (files, photos, videos, sounds) of their pets.

» Find new friends from all over the world (with similar pet interests).

» Discuss related topics with other pet owners.




Included is a huge list of Pet Breeds organized into various categories (Cats, Dogs etc). These listings can be managed in Admin.

You can drill down by both Categories and Breeds.



Pets can be flagged as available for Adoption.

Separate Display page is available to allow browsing of Pets for Adoption.



Members can create a Notice for Pets that are lost.  

Lost Pet Notices will contain details such as Lost Date, Lost Location, Reward Offered etc.

Separate Display page is available to allow browsing of Lost Pets.



Ability of Admin to Post-Moderate Pets

Interface to easily manage Pets Categories and Breeds 

You can view my full list of mods at

 #pets  #modzzz

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