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When I get an email notification that discussion activity has taken place, it would be nice if the email included a link to the discussion, presently it only has links to the author of the activity.

For example, see attached.sjj5pfgwfrcvp6sgvnhynnvpswxyvx4x.png

My site's banner image has the following text written over it:

  • Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Where can I edit this text to customize it for my site?

How can I configure my site so that a user can edit the title or body of a discussion post they make after submitting it?  Is there a plug-in to add this functionality?

I'm not seeing anyway to add new categories beyond the existing "general" category that exists by default in my UNA.io installation.  The control panel section under discussions for categories is where I would expect to see a button to add, but none is there.  See attached screenshot.

I notice that I can thank myself or favorite myself.  I would think that would not be permitted.

I understand that this site is powered by UNA, but I'd like to know whether there are any other sites, not under your control, that have selected UNA and are using it today.  Please provide links to other sites if they exist.


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